Fights With O Malley

On the aesthetic side, is it enjoyable to watch fights with O Malley?

Yes. I think anyone is pleased. He fights in a standing position, there is some kind of show … It would be nice to fight him. But I need time. I will also have time to fight with them all. I am young, hungry, I have everything ahead of me.

Peter Jan and top 5

It would be interesting to hear your small review of each sport fighter from the top 5 rating and for the champion. Jose Aldo is now in fifth place.

“I think he’s in excellent condition. He had a good last fight. So I think Aldo is a tough contender for any bantamweight. He has a huge amount of experience. He is probably the most ancient – he started performing earlier than anyone else. I think Jose will still show …

Well, yes, it would seem that his career went downhill, and then bam …

Yes, I did very well.

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Yes, and with Peter Yan he fought pretty well …

Yes Yes.

Number four is Rob Font.

Rob Font … I would describe it like this: a truck that hits hard but gets tired in the later rounds. All pebbles are in the lightest weight. And I associate it with a truck.

Number three is Corey Sandhagen.

Corey is a combination of technique and skill. He’s very technical. True, his struggle is very weak. I think Aljo strangled him. But in the stand, he is very good. Corey vs. Sean O’Malley would be an interesting fight.

Number two is T.J. Dillashaw.

TJ is a former champion … Again, he has been in the division for a long time. It will be hard for everyone with him.

But you said that in the fight with Sandhagen you expected more from him (Dillashaw won by split decision).


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Freestyle Wrestling Sports

Probably, you started your way in sports with freestyle wrestling sports?

I devoted almost all my childhood to freestyle wrestling sports, but I did not achieve any success – so, at the regional level.

You come from a village near Khasavyurt, right?

Yes, yes, the Khasavyurt district, the village of Bayramaul.

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But did you do it seriously?

Of course. I devoted 7-8 years to this business. And then he “rested” for four years.

Did you get carried away with MMA already in Yakutia, or even when you lived in Dagestan?

Before moving to Yakutia, I lived in Surgut for some time. In 2016, he began to watch the battles of Aldo and Anderson Silva on YouTube. MMA was just beginning to develop in the North, the guys were invited to the gym. I came and began to train purely for myself.

Then the city championship in MMA took place, I was offered to perform. I agreed, won two fights and became the first. Then he gave up sports again, did not train for six months, and after moving to Yakutia, he began to practice again, because I had nothing to do there. Khandyga village, population – 4-5 thousand people. There is nothing to do except go to the gym, but there is no competition in the gym either. There you cannot go to the cinema, go for a walk. Outside minus 50 degrees – how to walk? You can’t get to the store.

What was the coldest temperature for the entire time of your life in Yakutia?

If I’m not mistaken, it was minus 56 or 57. And this year, when I was preparing for a fight with Mehdi Dakayev, the guys wrote to me that the temperature there dropped to minus 62.

Did you go to the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon?

No, I have never been there. The Sakha Republic is huge in general.

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Rory Approached Battle Without a Game Plan

Rory approached battle without a game plan – because he was self-confident, and his head was busy with a relationship with a girl

“I had no game plan for this fight,” MacDonald begins telling about that evening on his YouTube channel Rory Macdonald. – I hardly worked on the fight. I was confident in my skills, it seemed to me that I can do everything and will beat Robbie everywhere. When I took off, I began to rise in the rankings, people began to recognize me and give attention, my former modesty disappeared.

I became arrogant. In addition, then my head was busy with something else – I was soaring about a relationship with a girl, there was a lot of negativity … It’s all, of course, strange – to go out to a title fight without a game plan, but that was how it was. Robbie, it seemed to me, was ready to fight to the death. Me not. My mentality was: “There will be a new fight, a new day, new chances.” And he was ready to die. “

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First two rounds

Rory had never practiced inclines by that time and did not know what to do when he was constantly hit on the head.

“I remember just before the start of the first round I had some kind of blur in my head. There was no focus, I was hovering somewhere. But in my muscle memory I managed to establish a favorable distance, it seemed to me that I took the round on points. The second round was going well, but in about a minute and a half he broke my nose. His left straight lines began to come in. Left straight, left straight, left straight.

I remember not knowing what to do. At that time, I did not train inclinations with my head, I did not know how to do it. He found a rhythm and broke me with a straight left. In 90 seconds, he broke my nose and caused serious damage. I began to make desperate passes to the legs, unprepared, and he easily defended himself. I didn’t know what to do, where to look for a solution; it seemed to me that he was entering and leaving the distance too quickly ”.

Nevertheless, MacDonald wanted to remember that terrible evening on July 11, 2015 and its aftermath. Here is Rory’s amazing story about the second ufc sports fight with Robbie Lawler in chronological order – from the layouts before the fight to the mental breakdown in the fifth round and the terrible flight home to his mother after the fight ..

Is Rabbit Punching Legal in UFC?

The problem of whether or not to rabbit punching in UFC competitions is illegal has been up in the air for quite a while.

It wasn’t illegal once the UFC first started; however now some fighters have started using it as a way to build-up their confidence.


UFC Fights

It certainly doesn’t matter why they’re doing it. Whether they feel just like they have to intimidate their opponents; or they just think it makes them better fighters; they’re doing it.

If you’re going to be successful in the UFC competitions; you will need to understand that no matter why you are doing it.

If you have a problem with a fellow fighter; there’s only 1 sure solution to stop it. That’s to go fight him in the octagon, and submit him.

However, the unfortunate fact is; lots of UFC fighters are beginning to learn that rabbit punches aren’t exactly illegal; as long as they don’t hurt one another. Still; some cages have banned them altogether, for fear of accidents.

In the UFC, they are only banned from the octagon; as the fighters can’t throw their hands around one another while in there. However they are not banned from competing.

So, if you get hit by a fellow fighter, and you desire to continue; you can. This is very different than the boxing matches you might remember from school.


2021 Events

In those fights, you always had to be worried about hitting someone else.

If you’re wondering are rabbit punches legal in UFC, the answer is yes. It really is illegal; but it isn’t necessarily a big deal. There are several people who say that the ref should have told you that you couldn’t do it; but that’s not the case. In the event that you keep being told no; and you also keep hitting them in the facial skin; then it is not illegal. But, as a general rule; you need to avoid getting hit in the face along the way of playing the game.

In the UFC, you do not really get hit with a rabbit punch. The guidelines don’t allow it. So, technically speaking, if you are a UFC pro, you aren’t allowed to do it, since it is not allowed. You can, however, get hit with a forearm strike from next door.

Is it Legal Choked With Your Hands in UFC?

“Could it be legal choked together with your hands in UFC Fights?” This can be a very common question. The solution is YES! Even though you have to be pretty good when it comes to defending yourself in the octagon, you don’t want to lose because you did not know what to accomplish. Here are some of the very most effective ways to defend against an attacker while you are not holding anything.


UFC Rules

Your hands are your most natural weapons with regards to UFC self-defense. Look for out where they will probably strike the most. When you have a solid lead, the attacker may go for your legs or feet first. In the event that you get good at timing your strikes, you may make an attacker miss and get out of the fight.

Continually be on the alert. Never go into a match with the mindset that you are going to get taken out easily if you do not have the hands. Always stay alert all the time and try to figure out where the strikes are via.

Use your head. If you see that your opponent is going to get close to you, turn to the skies and bring up your arms to safeguard yourself. This may seem silly, but you have to wonder what is going through your mind. Do you actually feel threatened at all? Sometimes, you do not even realize that you are defending yourself when you do that.

Put the hands up above your head just like you are expecting someone to can be found in and attack you. The hands should be out in front of you at all times. This is often useful when you are on the floor, but if you are in the most notable position and someone attacks you from below, your hands will help protect you from getting pinned.

Put your hips in to the strike. You should move your hips so that they get in the way of the strikes you are getting knocked out with. In the event that you try to block a shot or kick, your hips will block it. Try to move them away from where you intend to go.


2021 Events

Bring up your legs. In case you are on the ground, this is helpful to get out of throws and to defend yourself. Should you be on your back, though, mentioning your legs can help get yourself out of a bad situation. Have a leg or two right down to try to bring you to ultimately a better position. Remember, though, to help keep your hands within the belt. This is to regulate your opponent’s grips also to avoid getting choked.

When you can no more breathe, lose consciousness or get strangled, that is when you know that you have already been hurt by an opponent who wanted to take you down. Although you may just want to defend yourself, you must know how to get out of a submission. The very first thing you should do is to see what you are exactly facing and where your opponent is. You should look for their hands and where they are going to strike you. You should attempt to avoid getting removed, but if you must get taken down, you then need to learn how to choke. Considering your opponent and striking them with your knees, elbows, feet, or fists will highlight where to find their weak points to enable you to break them down and choke them out of commission.

Another answer to the question, ‘how do you choke together with your hands in UFC?’ would be to get into an up-fight with your opponent and try to isolate them until you can strike them good. If you’re going to try to throw knees or elbows at your opponent, then make sure you get them high to be able to elbow them hard. Kicks may also be effective, but make sure you avoid throws and hits to the knee or elbow. Your arms are your best weapons against your opponent, so be sure to use them well.

As soon as you get into a standing MMA match with your opponent, you need to focus on controlling the fight together with your hands. Getting into a high position can be your ultimate goal so make sure you keep your hips in close and swing them around to help you put him on his back. If you are not in a top position, then you have to know how to sub-pose yourself and use your legs to obtain out from underneath him. You should also be very cautious with what you’re throwing at him because if it connects you’ll likely get a lot of damage to yourself.

The answer to the question, ‘how can you choke with your hands in UFC?’ depends on who you’re fighting. If it’s a ground fight, you can hold your own and try to throw knees and elbows at him. Whether it’s a roundhouse fight and you’re fighting from a top position, then a good way to sub-pose and escape is to jump off the edge and pull guard. If you’re a smaller person, you then just need to discover how to escape from under him until he taps out.

Just How Much Does Conor McGregor Make Per Fight?

For the person known as Conor MCGregor, by itself, just how much does Conor make per fight? That is the question most fighters all over the world ask themselves when they are finding your way through their next big fight. The last thing any fighter really wants to do would be to rack up a lot of injury while trying to get big-name opponents to handle him in the octagon. In this regard, the Irish sensation seems to be in an entirely different league all alone.


Conor McGregor

This being said, it really is clear that every fighter includes a different manner in which they approach per fight financing. Many top flight fighters like to have their camp set up before every fight. With expenses as high as they come, there is absolutely no real excuse for devoid of done so before stepping in to the octagon.

What if you were a highly experienced and well rounded fighter who wanted to make money? If you wished to put yourself in exactly the same category because the best, then what changes would you make in terms of the way you prepare and fight? There’s one answer to that is to increase your fight team. Where many fighters make the mistake of not having enough of a proper trainer to guide them, some elect to take the route of hiring a private MMA or kickboxing gym. Fortunately that there are plenty of such places around the world to choose from.

For each fighter, the finances certainly are a essential factor. Most fighters feel they can not afford to lose too many fight nights while also feeling like they aren’t making enough money to call home on. There are ways that you can make more money through your MMA career, and one of the ways is through how much does Conor McGregor make per fight. Although many people will tell you this isn’t entirely fair, there is no doubting the amount of money involved in the sport.


2021 Events

So how much does Conor McGregor make per fight? It is a lot. The question shouldn’t even have to be asked. In the end, he’s the star attraction at every fight night and folks pay a lot of attention to what he does and how much money he makes. All this has to be considered before anything else. In the end, you can’t call a fight match when you don’t have the correct clothing and gear.

The clothing is of course important, as it provides fighter the necessary advantage during training and fighting. An effective MMA jacket and shorts set can cost upwards of $300. Some fighters that are paid per fight may only make up about 10% of the fee. This means that the rest of the pay comprises of the actual salary which is pretty impressive.

Connor McGregor just one single fight away from retirement. If he fought in a high-profile MMA event just like a UFC match, he would most likely already be a millionaire. That might be enough to tide him over until he can call it quits. If he hadn’t won the UFC title already, though, he might still be on his way to the top.

Who is the CEO of UFC?

One of the hot topics in the sports world today revolves around the question of who’s the CEO of UFC. With all the media coverage and negative reaction from all angles, one would think that this important portion of the company is under wraps somewhere or at least a top management position. This is simply not the case however. Actually, it appears that the CEO of UFC happens to be involved with all areas of the company and is very much indeed involved in all decisions which are made as CEO. Many people are confused by this and wonder what the heck the man responsible for this type of large role does there.



For some time now, there’s been talk of a fresh CEO, which has taken over the company. The new CEO has already made numerous changes which have increased the excitement and hope for the company. In fact, there is a good news conference in June when the new CEO took the stand and showed plenty of confidence in his leadership abilities. Many people expect that he will need over immediately and keep on with this impressive run until his term concludes.

So who may be the CEO of UFC? Actually, it could oftimes be someone very familiar to the general public. He would obviously be someone high profile in the martial arts community. However, this is most likely not the only reason he is the CEO of UFC. He could be also in charge of marketing and growing the membership foot of the company as well as working to bring in more television programming.

Many people may be surprised that the CEO of UFC actually doubles as a martial arts expert. He trained with the best in the world in a variety of types of fighting and was brought in to the company to help handle all the various facets of the business. While some people might question his capability to handle such a large task, his talents as a martial arts expert certainly do speak for themselves. He’d certainly have a very good understanding of the fighting techinques world and how it operates and act.

In addition to handling the business side of UFC, he also would be responsible for the merchandise side. This includes, needless to say, the MMA competition he has created for the company. He’d have a very good idea of how to market and sell the products to the prospective audience. However, he also would know where you might get them and how to get them to the customers. Because of his background and his association with the martial arts community, many feel he could be qualified to get this done job.


2021 Events

With all of this responsibility does it seem he’d have the ability to do everything by himself? Definitely not. He realizes the necessity to hire staff to greatly help him run the day to day operations. He’d have to know all the suppliers for the various products he sells to help him with his operation. And also with all of these staff and assistants at his disposal, he still really needs someone in charge of coping with the media, the fans, the sponsors, and all of the fighters.

In other words, he could be the general manager and contains the power to make all these happen. He knows how exactly to do it. He probably even includes a few of his fighters under his employ aswell. But would he have the ability to do it simply by himself? It most likely wouldn’t normally be a MMA ride.

The person behind the curtain however is not only the master plan maker but he is also very knowledgeable and well read in the world of sports and fighting techinques. He definitely sees things a lot more clearly than anyone else does. His intellect will be second to none and allows him to see all angles before others see them. He’d know when to make deals and negotiate contracts so he can maximize on his profits and minimize on his losses. He’d also have each of the tools he needs to create a successful operation and run a very profitable company.

What is Dana White Worth?

How Much is Dana White worth? That’s a question that has been on many people’s minds recently. Actually, some individuals have actually stopped watching the UFC because they are curious in regards to what the fuss is centered on. Is this the greatest sports organization in America has ever had? There are a few thoughts on that along with other thoughts on that as well.


Dana White

First of all, you need to understand that no matter what the solution is for what is the best sports organization in America. What is the best net worth person? That is the real question and if you are willing to pay for your opinion, then you can go on and give it. However, there are a lot of people who have another idea of what is the highest and best way for you to definitely make money.

For example, Sports Illustrated ranked the best paid professional athletes in America and put them in a ranking system where they gave each athlete a figure that represents how much cash they make annually. That they had them listed from the tiniest paycheck to the best. What did you see within? Well, it appears like Dana White makes in regards to a hundred million a year. Now, that may be an exaggeration, but that is the ballpark figure.

If you believe that, then you might probably buy out the entire UFC roster tomorrow and have a very nice vacation directly on the beach in Mexico. But, if you do not, you might want to consider the other sports which are more realistic when it comes to making money. Take golf for instance. You can not become a world class golfer overnight, nevertheless, you can buy a couple of practice sets, find some great clothing, and then you can go out and play several rounds of golf and really refine your swing and learn what must be done to hit a hundred tennis balls with perfect accuracy every time.

So, why don’t we look at another area where Dana White does indeed deserve her title as the top MMA fighter worth looking at. Let us consider the world of boxing. What has happened to fighters who used to produce a killing in the ring or in the street doing something amazing? Has there been any type of resurgence within their careers? Or, have they just faded away? In other words, will be the promotions still providing them with fights?


2021 Events

A good boxer will be remembered as a person who won a fight and came away the victor. They did not necessarily excel in skill. They did not necessarily get paid perfectly for your time and effort. But, as time wears on, the more skillful a fighter gets, the higher they will get paid, whether it is through signing a new deal with a network like Showtime or through getting paid for performances done in the ring as well as outside of it.

What’s Dana White Worth? The same thing that I would consider her to be, if she was fighting in the world of boxing. As long as she is able to maintain her current weight class, she should continue being paid very well for your time and effort. The problem is, at this time she actually is not being paid very well for the effort, even though she may be one of the better fighters on the planet. In fact, she actually is probably losing more fights than she actually is winning, although people are probably quick to point out that she hasn’t lost much recently.

Now then, is she still worth being called the very best woman MMA fighter, regardless of the recent failures she’s had fighting professionally? I’d need to answer that question with a resounding yes, even though she has been proven never to fight very hard. She’s also not signed a fresh contract since she left Strikeforce, so it is likely that she’ll not receive top dollar when she does fight again, even though she might perfectly win. So, is Dana White worth the very best dollar she is being paid? I’d say yes, but you need to look deeper into what makes a fighter successful and what really matters to the activity.

What Happened To Urijah Faber the American Mixed Martial Artist?

UFC Urijah Faber has been gone since 2021. He left the united states and never made an attempt to fight in the United States. This is strange because he was an extremely popular and well respected mixed martial arts athlete. He even had a movie released about how exactly he won the US National Amateur Athletic Association (NCAA) wrestling championship in 2021.


Urijah Faber

Why did he leave? He told people he was having difficulty along with his depression. Did he blame his lack of success on steroids? Did he blame steroids for his loss to Ken Shamrock in their fight?

I believe it’s pretty clear that Urijah didn’t actually want to fight in the United States. He told the media he wasn’t interested in fighting in the us or Canada. Yet when he did fight in Mexico, he fought such as a maniac. This is not the guy I would ever consider fighting for my country. He fought like garbage and that is not the guy I would like to see representing our nation in an activity that promotes brawls. His career has ended and it’ll be interesting to see what goes on in his next career.

Many fans have blamed the United States for not letting Urijah Faber fight. Yes, he tested positive for steroids, which is a first for a mixed martial athlete. But, steroid use by athletes is illegal and is totally wrong. Our sport is a direct result of amateur athletics; it is what makes it all so excellent. If Urijah hadn’t tested positive for steroids, he could still be a mixed fighting techinques athlete, but he would have never fought in the United States.

We don’t watch top notch athletes in the United States do amateur competition. We aren’t even sure if Urijah Faber will fight in the United States one day. You possibly can make all the complaints you need about steroids and the rest of the steroid related issues, but until he fights someone for the United States National Team, he’ll be playing for Canada. He made his decision long before he tested positive for steroids. He thought we would sign with the united states based promotion, since they gave him a chance to prove himself to the fans and to fight for the United States.


2021 Events

I really believe what happened to Urijah Faber may be the fans want to make their favorite stars suffer and they are getting waylaid by the very fighters they love to hate. The reason people are upset with Uriel is because he refused to sign with TNA. He made his choice and most people have a problem with that.

Just what exactly happened to Urijah Faber? The solution to that question will most likely surprise you. He became a mixed martial artist in Canada and beat up some of the best competition in the united kingdom. Now he is earning big money in the United States, as well as perhaps the planet, as he fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The message is clear. Don’t pay attention to the so called experts on which happened to Urijah Faber the American mixed martial artist. He could be the main one who knows what really happened in his career. He is the one who should be thanking the fans for giving him a chance, not the writers of a book that is going around claiming what really happened in his career.

Folks are saying that Garcia should have gone after Fedor. It would have been an excellent fight. Instead he went after Fabricio. He previously an improved winning percentage when he fought Fabricio, who is actually a more impressive guy, but he lost by submission.

That is the real story. One must take a step back and look at the situation from his point of view. What did he need to lose? Nothing.

Do not try to change the past. Usually do not blame anyone or anything for what happened. If you really want to know what did happen to Urijah Faber the American mixed martial artist, then you need to learn why he was presented with a fighting chance. He beat some of the best competition in the country, and today he is the most notable ranked fighter on earth. He is the main one who ought to be thanking, not blaming, the people who gave him his opportunity. His victory over Fedor is proof he may be the new black belt.

Can You Knee in The Head in UFC Match?

Can you knee in the head in UFC Match Events? This is one question a great deal of mixed martial arts fans have already been asking because the inception of the UFC. Mixed fighting techinques fans have been enjoying the fantastic new sport with its high octane fighting action and stylized matches. There has been a lot of hype concerning the UFC going international and learning to be a global phenomenon. Could the UFC have a go at defending its UFC light heavyweight title against Jon Jones?


UFC Match

The answer is definitely “yes”. Jon Jones is a guy which has impressed the UFC Match faithful with his street fighting skills. He could be considered by many to be the best light heavyweight on the planet and has even discussed fighting famous brands Rashad Evans or Anderson Silva in the future. Jones’ training partner, Rashad Ovincevac, said he feels like there is only 1 man which could challenge him for the UFC light heavyweight title, and that is Jon Jones.

One of the primary questions facing Jones is whether or not he will ever be able to defend his title against “The Colossus”. Jones is a huge name in mixed martial arts, but has never fought on a straight scale to compare to the legendary fighters of the past such as for example Chuck Liddell, Rocky Marciano, and Ray Stevens. Many MMA fans feel that it is Jones’ insufficient a wrestling background that’s holding him back, but other fans are convinced that it is his footwork. To make things worse for Jones, Liddell recently suffered a personal injury of sorts and may have to step away from the octagon for the moment.

With all of this discuss the potential match up against Jones, many UFC fans have already been wondering when exactly the match will take place. The latest information is that Jones is defined to handle off against Ovincevac in a match video due to air on pay per take on June 8th. No exact details have been given as to who will be the opponent, nonetheless it is said that Ovincevac will be coming out with a concept that he wants to try to win by submission. The only problem is that his wrestling ability is not what it was previously and will probably be defeated. No fight video has been released as to who will be facing off against Jones, but there is still speculation concerning who may be the winner.

Even though the fight video is not released, Jones has recently had a few practice fights, which would indicate he is confident he could remove Ovincevac. There have been several instances where fighters were forced to withdraw from an upcoming fight due to a personal injury or illness, but with Jones, this might not be a problem. Along with his uncanny capability to regenerate both physically and mentally, it will be possible for Jones to defeat any opponent when healthy and much more so when he could be fighting with an injury.


2021 Events

But just because Jones has an excellent physique does not imply that he will continually be victorious in any fight. There is absolutely no better way to beat an opponent than by taking them down and drilling them together with your knees until they are unable to move. However, challenging hype surrounding this fight, some fans are going to be looking to get this fight to be an all pay-out event. One fan has even posted on the MMA forums asking if Jones will win or lose this fight because of the “pounding the pavement” comment he made during his press conference. If that is the case, then fans should look elsewhere for his or her MMA events.

Jones’ trainer, Roger Mayweather has issued a challenge to the fans. He says that Jones will get his ass kicked, and that it might be one of the greatest fight videos ever. According to Mayweather, Jones is not that big of a fan of the sport and would prefer to be doing something else than preparing for a fight. He did however declare that he believes that Jones will put on a great fight and he would not be shocked if he was to obtain hit by someone in the fitness center.

Whether or not Jones would actually hit someone in the gym is questionable at this time. He could become upset during training and injure himself. Or, he could become careless rather than watch his body while training and obtain hit in the head throughout a fight.