Denmark’s best player of all time

Denmark’s best player of all time – The Danish national team is one of the national soccer teams from the Scandinavian region. The Danish national team is nicknamed the Danish Dynamite and is one of the dark horse teams in Europe. Some legendary players from Denmark such as Allan Simonsen, Michael Laudrup, Preben Elkjaer, Peter Schmeichel, and Jon Dahl Tomasson

Denmark’s heyday is divided into 2 main eras, namely the 40s and the 80s to the early 90s. In the 40s, Denmark won a bronze medal at the Olympics. The names of the Danish legends from this era are John Angelo Hansen, Karl Aage Praest, Karl Aage Hansen and Harald Nielsen. Football in Denmark actually still existed at the amateur level until the 70s.

Then in the 80s, the golden generation of Denmark dubbed the Danish Dynamite successfully reached the semi-finals of Euro 1984 and the last 16 of the 1986 World Cup. , Frank Arnesen, and of course Michael Laudrup.

Denmark managed to win Euro 1992 unexpectedly, although initially they did not qualify for the qualifying rounds, they were chosen to replace Yugoslavia which was punished because their country was involved in war. Unexpectedly, Denmark became the champion thanks to the contribution of key players such as Peter Schmeichel, Brian Laudrup, Lars Olsen and John Jensen. They also won the 1995 Confederations Cup.

So who are the players who deserve to be included in the list of the 11 best Danish national team players of all time? Of course it is difficult to determine the Denmark All-Time Best XI, because there are several great players in the same position. For example who was better at center-back, Agger, Ivan Nielsen or Lars Olsen? Then who are the strikers in the team, is it Tomasson, John Hansen, Ebbe Sand or Bendtner? – Denmark’s best player of all time.

The best football players in 2020

The best football players in 2020 – The year 2020 presents many important moments in the world of football.

The successful teams became champions while the players showed resplendent individual performances.

Bayern Munich is clearly the best club, after winning 5 trophies, including winning the European Champions League and the German Bundesliga. Bayern successfully won the Champions League after defeating PSG in the final.

Surprise teams like RB Leipzig, Lyon and Atalanta also performed well in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, the clubs that have won in Europe’s top 5 leagues are Liverpool (Premier League), Juventus (Serie A), Real Madrid (La Liga), Bayern Munich (Bundeslia), and PSG (Ligue 1).

As for the domestic cup competition won by Arsenal (FA Cup), Napoli (Coppa Italia), Bayern Munich (DFB Pokal), and PSG (Coupe de France).

In other parts of the world, Ulsan Hyundai, Al-Ahli, and UANL Tigres have successfully won the continental competitions for each continent.

In terms of individual performance, Robert Lewandowski’s name was at the forefront, after receiving the FIFA The Best and UEFA Men’s Player of the Year awards in 2020.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Ballon d’Or award was canceled due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other players such as Messi, Ronaldo, De Bruyne, and Neuer are also frequently nominated for the top 3.

In each of Europe’s top 5 leagues, a number of players who were awarded the title of best player in the 2019-2020 season include Kevin De Bruyne (Premier League), Paulo Dybala (Serie A), Karim Benzema (La Liga), and Robert Lewandowski ( Bundesliga).

There are also many other players who are showing good form, including some of the talented young players.

Meanwhile, the top score award for each league in the 2019-2020 season was won by Jamie Vardy (Premier League), Ciro Immobile (Serie A), Lionel Messi (La Liga), Robert Lewandowski (Bundesliga) and Ben Yedder and Mbappe (Ligue 1).

Lewandowski is also the top scorer in the Champions League, while the top scorer for the Europa League is Bruno Fernandes. – The best football players in 2020.

Manchester United new players next season

List of new players for Manchester United next season – Manchester United is one of the richest clubs in the world. Every year, MU’s transfer budget allocation is one of the largest. No wonder Manchester United are known to buy expensive players in the transfer market, this season is no exception. By bringing in new players, of course the Manchester United squad will be of higher quality.

Compared to rival teams, MU’s performance has indeed decreased. Therefore, there is no other choice for management besides bringing in new players to improve the quality of the team. When entering the transfer market, there were many Manchester United transfer rumors scattered about.

In recent years there have been many transfers for MU at high prices, despite the fact that not all new MU players have been successful, because some have failed to contribute. Indeed, Manchester United’s transfer strategy has been criticized because they often buy at high prices, but have minimal contributions.

In the transfer market this season, some of the target players for MU include Sancho (winger), Maddison (midfielder), Upamecano (center back), and Grealish (midfielder). Even so, MU also had to sell old players in Manchester United’s current squad to meet the required squad quota.

For this reason, this time we will show a list of names for the new Manchester United players for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. These players have been brought in in the last transfer market. The name of the new player is displayed along with the profile and bio of each player. Player prices are quoted from the Transfermarkt website.

Manchester United are still eyeing several players who want to be bought in the transfer market. Based on last season’s performance, MU still needs new players at center-back, left-back, midfielder and winger to increase the depth of the current MU squad.

The following are the names of players that MU is looking for based on issues and rumors of transfer gossip in the media and their club, country and position.

Jadon Sancho (Dortmund, winger)
Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig, center back)
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa, midfielder)
Declan Rice (West Ham, midfielder)
Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich, midfielder)
James Maddison (Leicester, midfielder)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus, forward)
David Brooks (Bournemouth, midfielder)
Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina, winger)
Erling Haaland (Dortmund, striker)
Kalidou Koulibaly (Napoli, center-back)

That is the list of names for Manchester United’s new players for the 2020-2021 season based on the activity of the summer transfer market. The presence of new players is expected to contribute to the team, while other target players may still be brought in in the upcoming transfer market.

Inter Milan new players in new season in 2021

Inter Milan is a Serie A club nicknamed Nerazzuri . Even though it had collapsed, now Inter Milan is trying to rise to become an elite European club. Under the ownership of the Suning Group, many players who have been targeted by Inter Milan this season have tried to be brought in through movements in the transfer market.

Inter Milan’s bad period in the last few seasons is certainly trying to be forgotten by the club. Maintaining existing key players, coupled with the arrival of new Inter Milan players this season, is certainly a solution to improving the quality of the current Inter squad. Some of Inter Milan’s most expensive players are expected to contribute to the team.

Under Antonio Conte’s coaching, Inter are tidying up by targeting players who suit the team’s needs. Inter cannot just buy expensive players due to the limitations of the FFP (Financial Fair Play) funding rules from UEFA, so they have to make transfers carefully and efficiently.

In the transfer market this season, some of Inter Milan’s target players include Tonali (midfielder), Kante (midfielder), Mertens (striker), and Dzeko (striker). Conte’s formation makes Inter have to look for players who are positioned as wing backs right and left on both sides.

For this reason, this time we will display the list of names for Inter Milan’s new players for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. These players have been brought in in the last transfer market. The name of the new player is displayed along with the profile and bio of each player. Player prices are quoted from the Transfer market website.

Inter Milan are still eyeing several players who want to be bought in the transfer market. Based on last season’s performance, Inter Milan needs new players at right-back, left-back, midfielder and striker to be able to increase the depth of Inter Milan’s current squad.

The following are the names of Inter Milan’s target players based on issues and rumors of transfer gossip in the media along with their club, country and position.

  • N’Golo Kante (Chelsea, midfielder)
  • Sandro Tonali (Brescia, midfielder)
  • Edin Dzeko (AS Roma, striker)
  • Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina, winger)
  • Nicolo Zaniolo (AS Roma, midfielder)
  • Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal, striker)
  • Luka Modric (Real Madrid, midfielder)
  • Corentin Tolisso (Bayern Munich, midfielder)
  • Dries Mertens (Napoli, forward)

That is the list of names for Inter Milan’s new players for the 2020-2021 season based on the activity of the summer transfer market. The presence of new players is expected to contribute to the team, while other target players may still be brought in in the upcoming transfer market.

Lionel Messi makes 500 appearances in the Spanish league

Lionel Messi made the latest achievement in the Huesca vs Barcelona match. The Blaugrana captain has played his 500th match in the Spanish league.

Messi appeared as a starter when Barcelona visited Huesca’s headquarters at the Estadio Al Acoraz. In the 27th minute, La Pulga provides an assist for the visitors’ goal scored by Frenkie de Jong.

The Dutch player’s goal was the only goal that was created until the match ended. Barcelona closed the match with a 1-0 win.

There is a special achievement for Lionel Messi in the Huesca vs Barcelona match. The 33-year-old superstar has now made 500 appearances in the Spanish League.

This number makes Messi now the second Barcelona player to play in LaLiga. Launching a report from the US, the Argentine player only lost to Xavi Hernandez, who has made 505 appearances throughout his career.

Not only that, Messi has also explored his 750th appearance for Barcelona in the official arena. La Pulga is now only 17 games away to match Xavi’s record (767) as the Blaugrana player with the most official matches.

Since making his debut for Barcelona in 2003, Messi has played 500 games in the Spanish League, 147 in the Champions League, 75 in the Copa del Rey, 19 in the Spanish Super Cup, five in the Club World Cup and four in the European Super Cup.

In those 750 matches, Lionel Messi has scored 644 goals for Barcelona. This number earned him the title as the player with the most goals at a club in history.

Timo Werner Says It’s Difficult to Play in the Premier League

London – Timo Werner admits difficulties in recent weeks at Chelsea. He also said he had previously underestimated challenges in the Premier League.

Timo Werner, who was brought in from RB Leipzig in the summer of 2020, is already on goal for eight consecutive games in all competitions with Chelsea. The striker is noted to have missed several golden opportunities that could have been goals.

According to the 24-year-old, the grueling schedule of matches every three days has had an impact on his performances.

“The Premier League is a little different from the league I was used to before (Bundesliga)” said Werner.

“I have to say it was tougher than I imagined. The physical contact here is tougher than in Germany. I expected it, but it’s not like this.”

“I think it’s also hard when you have to play once every three days, and in the Champions League, as well as in international matches. You have to play on Saturday against a team that has been rested all week and only thinks about your contract duel,” added Timo Werner.

Need Adapt

Timo Werner admits it is not easy to be the best in every game. However, he also admits the Premier League is very exciting, even though it is tough.

“At first it was very good, now after playing a lot of games, I don’t know if this is normal, but I struggled a little bit,” said Werner.

“There are so many games right now and I think there were a few chances I missed two or three weeks ago, that’s not the best thing. But I think when you are just in a country and a league. It’s always a bit tough to adapt and it shouldn’t be. reason.”

“I have to try my best to become the best footballer in this league. I think I have adapted well,” added Werner.

The Son of a Football Legend Trying to Walk in His Father’s Footsteps

Following in the footsteps of his father who became a football legend. Here are 7 children of legendary players who started selling their feet in the realm of football.

Kai Rooney (11 Years)

Former Manchester United player Wayne Rooney is happy. The son, Kai Rooney, has the potential to follow his brilliant footsteps on the football scene.

Kai recently signed a youth contract at Manchester United. The talent of this 11 year old boy turned out to captivate the hearts of MU talent scouts.

Wayne Rooney’s eldest son will hone his skills at the MU academy, which gave birth to players such as David Beckham, Gary Neville, and Paul Scholes.

If his abilities are special, Kai has a chance to follow in his father’s footsteps to play for Manchester United’s first team.

Wayne Rooney and Manchester United have a strong emotional bond. He played for 13 years at Old Trafford, and holds the status as the top scorer in the club’s history.

“Yes, I am a proud father. He has worked hard. Kai Rooney has been monitored by a Manchester United scout. He impressed the coaches. He signed his contract yesterday, so I’m happy for him,” said Wayne Rooney.

Not only Kai Rooney who wants to follow in the footsteps of his father who is a football legend. Following are some of the legendary children who also chose to take part in the green field, as reported by The Sun.

Joe van der Sar (22 Years)

Joe van der Sar is the son of the legendary goalkeeper of Manchester United and the Dutch national team, Edwin van der Saar.

Joe started his career at Manchester United. He then moved to Noordwijk before signing for Ajax in 2013, where Edwin was CEO at the club.

It is not easy for Joe to continue his father’s shiny trail, and there are high hopes that accompany his steps. He has now returned to Noordwijk with the goal of tapping his path to the top of his career.

Maxim Gullit (19 Years)

Maxim Gullit is the son of Dutch legend Ruud Gullit and nephew of Johan Cruyff. Maxim couldn’t have expected better genes than that.

Maxim played for the AZ U-19 team in 2018/2019, then leveled up. He is now playing regularly for the AZ U-21 team this season, and made his debut for the first team in the Europa League against NHK Rijeka in October 2020.

Zidane (Luca, Enzo & Theo)

Zinedine Zidane one of football legend has three sons who aim to follow in his glorious footsteps.

Enzo played as a midfielder (25 years) the last time he played at Almeria and is now without a club. Theo (18 years) is studying at the Real Madrid academy.

Goalkeeper Luca (22 years old) made two appearances for Los Blancos, but then left to find minutes. Now he’s in the Division 2 team, Rayo Vallecano.

Daniel Maldini (19 years)

The Maldini dynasty continued, with Daniel following in the footsteps of his father Paolo and grandfather, Cesare, at AC Milan. Daniel played in the opposite position to his father.

If Paolo Maldini is known as a tough defender, Daniel prefers to play as a second striker.

The talented teenager made his first-team debut against Hellas Verona in Serie A, becoming the third generation Maldini to play for Milan.

Erling Haaland (20 Years)

Erling Haaland, son of former Manchester City player Alf-Inge. Alf-Inge’s career ended after being hit by a horror tackle by Manchester United legend Roy Keane.

Erling Haaland was mentored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Molde, before drawing attention for her brilliant performance at RB Salzburg.

He refused an offer to move to Manchester United and chose to move to Borussia Dortmund, and has not stopped scoring goals until now.

Giovanni Simeone (25 Years)

The son of Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is one among those on this list who has found a strong career footing.

Usually acting as a second striker, he has entered the Argentina national team, bagging five caps. Giovanni Simeone joined Cagliari this summer after having served a successful season on loan there, scoring five goals in six Serie A matches.

Jordan Henderson Still Not Satisfied With Liverpool’s Appearance

Liverpool – Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, is still not satisfied with his team’s performance this season. According to Henderson, the Reds can still perform much better.

Liverpool have appeared impressive in the last nine matches in the Premier League. Jurgen Klopp’s men managed to grab six wins and three draws from these nine matches.

The Reds successfully crushed Crystal Palace seven goals without reply in the Week 14 Premier League match at Selhurst Park.

The seven Liverpool goals were netted by Takumi Minamino in the 3rd minute, Sadio Mane in the 35th minute, Roberto Firmino in the 44th and 68th minutes, Jordan Henderson in the 52nd minute, and Mohamed Salah the 81st and 84th minutes.

Thanks to these positive results. Liverpool are still comfortably at the top of the Premier League standings with 31 results from 14 matches. The Reds are five points ahead of Everton, who occupy second place.

Still Could Be Better

Jordan Henderson said he was happy with his team’s performance in the last few matches, including when he met Crystal Palace. However, Henderson thinks Liverpool can still perform much better.

“I still think we can do (even better), we are a little sloppy sometimes, but overall I think we have to say we are happy with the performance and the results, because we know how difficult it is to come here (Crystal Palace headquarters),” said Henderson.

“Palace are good opponents, they make it difficult, so ending this week with a win after midweek was important and we did it,” said the England midfielder.

Persipura Qualified for AFC 2021 Jacksen Tiago Gives Appreciation

Persipura Jayapura will appear at the 2021 AFC Cup to accompany Bali United. This decision came from the AFC as the parent of Asian football to see the results of the achievements of Indonesian clubs in Shopee Liga 1 2019.

Previously, PSSI had made a blunder decision by establishing Persija Jakarta as the club that appeared in the 2021 AFC Cup to accompany Bali United. In fact, Persija is not included in the provisions.

Persipura management then fought for their rights by submitting this complaint and it was successful. Persipura coach, Jacksen F. Tiago appreciated the steps taken by the club management.

“It is in the hands of Persipura management, I do not participate. Persipura management is extraordinarily competent, so in this case there is no need for negative things, “said the Brazilian national coach.

“We know where we are. What needs to be done also knows how, there is no need to talk about yes or no, ”added the 51-year-old man.

According to the regulations, Indonesia only has two quota to appear in Asia, namely the champions of the First League and the Indonesian Cup. Bali United passed the group phase because they won the 2019 League 1, while PSM Makassar won the 2018 Indonesian Cup. However, PSM could not take part in the 2021 AFC Cup because they did not have an AFC club license.

PSSI through the Executive Committee (Exco) meeting on December 16, 2020, had sent Persija as one of the two clubs that will play in the 2021 AFC Cup. The reason is that Kemayoran Tigers are runners-up in the 2018 Indonesian Cup.

This decision was rejected by the AFC because it did not comply with the Entry Manual for AFC Competitions 2021 released by the AFC in determining its representatives in the Asian club tournament. Referring to the regulation, Persija’s share should have belonged to Persipura.

Get Ready Soon

In Article 9 of the Entry Manual for AFC Competitions 2021 on Sporting Criteria, the requirements for becoming a representative of AFC members in Asian club tournaments are set out.

The first requirement to get a ticket to an Asian club tournament is to win the domestic competition, in this case Shopee Liga 1. The second criterion is the winner of a domestic tournament, for example the Indonesian Cup.

If one or two champions of domestic competitions and tournaments are not eligible, the ticket quota belongs to the second, third or fourth ranked domestic competition team.

The slot for the 2021 AFC Cup for the winner of the Indonesian Cup should be transferred to the 2019 Shopee Liga 1 runner-up, Persebaya Surabaya. However, the team nicknamed the Bajul Ijo also failed to get an AFC license.

As a result, tickets to the 2021 AFC Cup belonged to Persipura which ended Shopee Liga 1 2019 in third place.

Now, Persipura needs to prepare to appear in the event after being absent for nearly six years. According to the plan, they will return to the Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, after having been travelers in Malang and Manado since last season.

Barcelona Begins to Return to Its Habitat

Barcelona – Barcelona won a 2-1 victory over Real Sociedad in the La Liga match at Camp Nou. This incision made El Barca slowly begin to return to the top of the La Liga standings.

Playing at home, the Blaugrana fell behind first after Willian Jose broke into Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s goal in the 27th minute. However, after that Barcelona was able to show a revival.

After equalizing thanks to Jordi Alba’s beautiful goal in the 31st minute, Barcelona turned ahead with Frenkie de Jong’s goal in the 43rd minute despite being ruled out and then again approved by VAR.

Several important points can also be taken from the victory that Barcelona won when they hosted Real Sociedad. The following is a full review.

Ronald Koeman’s Fruit Tactic

Unlike the previous matches, in this match Ronald Koeman installed a 4-3-3 formation and made Frenkie de Jong more active in helping attacks.

Barcelona also appeared very dominant, especially in the first half. Although they conceded, the hosts were able to turn things around before halftime.

Interestingly, Barcelona’s two goals were born not from their attackers, but from Jordi Alba who was active in helping the attack from the left side and De Jong who now plays more up.

Jordi Alba’s Slick Performance

One of the main factors why Barcelona was able to beat Sociedad was due to the impressive performance shown by Jordi Alba on the left side.

In addition to scoring goals with a curved shot using his right foot, Alba also played a role in sending a crossing which was perfected into a second goal by De Jong.

Alba was also active in terrorizing the Sociedad defense and almost providing an assist in the second half. Unfortunately Antoine Griezmann’s final finish failed to become a goal.

Lionel Messi the Inspirator

Even though he did not list his name on the scoreboard. Lionel Messi remained the inspiration for Barcelona’s victory through his good performance throughout the match.

Messi, who moved more from the second line. Repeatedly put the Sociedad defense at a loss when trying to stop La Pulga’s movement.

Judging from the statistics, Messi is very impressive with four successful dribbles, and fired three shots and two key passes.

Impressive Back Line Duet

In this match, Koeman made a bold and surprising decision by installing a pair of young defenders at the back, namely Ronald Araujo and Oscar Mingueza.

Amazingly, Araujo and Mingueza also succeeded in paying Koeman’s trust through their convincing and solid performance in matches against teams that rely on high pressing.

Araujo himself was believed to play for the full 90 minutes. While Mingueza appeared until the 79th minute before being replaced by Clement Lenglet.

Back on the Champion’s Path

The victory over Sociedad propelled Barcelona to fifth in the La Liga standings with a value of 20. The Blaugrana are still six points behind the top three teams.

Barcelona clearly has a very open opportunity to poke back into the top flight and enliven the championship competition.

After hobbling at the start of the season. Barcelona are now starting to find their way and are ready to reclaim the La Liga trophy from Real Madrid.