Alistair Overeem Scolding

Alistair Overeem scolding American medicine. “They want to do operations all the time because it’s money.” He himself went under the knife only once in 22 years in battles.

In June of this year, Alistair Overeem, who was fired from the UFC for old age and an inflated salary, signed with leading kickboxing promoter Glory.

New employers immediately threw a big fight for the eminent Dutchman – the title with Rico Verhoeven in October at the 20,000-seat arena in Arnhem. However, Overeem broke down and the fight had to be canceled. For the fourth time in his career, Alistair injured his back in the same direction – he had a curvature of the pelvis. And although he trained in the United States, he went to the Netherlands for treatment using a proven non-surgical system.

Her Overeem recently had an engaging conversation with former UFC champion Chris Wideman on his Won’t Back Down podcast. For the American, who had undergone 25 surgeries by the age of 37, it was a real shock that 41-year-old Overeem, with his experience of 95 professional fights, went under the knife only once in his career.

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Medical Treatment

Alistair Overeem: “I did deadlining and jerked my back. It turned out that the disk had flown. I wanted to go to a chiropractor; or chiropractor to look at me, but since I was in the USA, it didn’t work out. Because they have this direction is not so developed, they always want to do operations here. Because operations are money.

They operate on you, and you give 30, 50 or 80 thousand dollars. I didn’t want to be operated on and flew to the Netherlands; to a man who healed my back only with the help of his hands. He has a wonderful author’s method of treatment. And after he worked on my back, after three weeks I was 100 percent healthy. And before that, my condition was not very good – pinched nerves in the lower back bothered me, I took all kinds of medications, there was no energy, there was no motivation for sports training. ”

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Beneil Series of Victories

Maybe Beneil Dariush? What do you think? Beneil series of victories deserves a title chance, fights well. As the UFC says, it will be so. And so, if you want to hear my opinion, the UFC should give us a title fight now. Everyone else had a chance to win the title, but Islam did not. He is fresh blood and he deserves this chance. People are waiting. He’s like a breath of fresh air. They have to give him a fight for the title. If not, then we are ready to fight with any top, and it does not matter whether it is Dariusz or another fighter.

About Ulanbekov’s fight

Tagir is a workhorse. A real plowman. I didn’t work with him that much before, but in this camp I managed to spend more time with Tagir than usual. He did a good job, I am happy with his victory and I am sure that he will continue to gain momentum. Something went wrong in this battle, and I cannot find an explanation for this.

But I will note something else: when a person does this kind of work in the camp, how can you doubt that he will become a great sport fighter? Even if it was not the best performance against a not very strong opponent. This means that Tagir will show an excellent performance next time. Many others in such situations, in which Tagir was in battle, simply get lost and lose. And the champions still win. And he won.

About Hasbik

Hasbullah is a merry fellow. It’s great that he is surrounded by so many people, and this is understandable, because he is different, unique, and he is a wonderful person. People love him. And I don’t think he’ll ever have a real fight.

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What did you talk to him about now?

Hasbullah? We just sat talking about this and that, had fun, but I try not to flirt too much with him, because he gets tired of all this. Therefore, I have a slightly different conversation with him. I treat him like an adult, and in fact he is.

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The Real Warrior

Zubair showed that he is the real warrior. You might have noticed how big a ball formed on his leg. Now you know how this victory was given to him and how strong he is mentally. Khabib and I were by his side, working with him, including mentally, to show him the right path. And he won. I am very, very happy about his success. I am glad.

Curious to know what you and Khabib said to Zubair after the first round?

I said, “You are doing well, keep fighting in the stance as well, but you have to follow your father’s plan as well.” He also added: “I like your kick, hit it relaxed.” That is, in fact, what I told him: fight relaxed and do not forget about your father’s plan – but he could not implement it due to injury. I just didn’t know about it.

What is the future for Tukhugov?

A bright future awaits him if he fights high-level fighters. If he defeats three or four fighters like Ricardo Ramos, then he will fight for the UFC sports belt. Three fights, three victories – and Zubair will fight for the title.

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About Makhachev’s fight

Islam is perfect as a fighter. He always does what Khabib and I ask for. For example, when there was a fight in Las Vegas, the plan was to work in a rack. But we changed our plan an hour before going into battle. We said: no, no, let’s act according to father’s plan. And Islam coped with the task flawlessly, performed the job fantastically. And now the plan for the fight was to work according to my father’s plan, and he was flawless again.

In no way do I doubt him. Whatever I, other coaches or Khabib ask for, he copes with the task perfectly. He now has a new coach. This is taekwondo, former world champion, coach of the Olympians.

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What Happen In UFC 267

Javier Mendes sums up what happen in UFC 267. “What Tukhugov did is fantastic, and Makhachev is a perfect fighter.”

American coach Khabib Nurmagomedova.

The founder of the American Kickboxing Academy Javier Mendes at the UFC sport 267 tournament was second to three fighters (together with Khabib Nurmagomedov) – first Tagir Ulanbekov, then Zubair Tukhugov, and then Islam Makhachev. All three won – Ulanbekov won a split decision over Allan Nascimento, Tukhugov won a unanimous decision against Ricardo Ramos, and Makhachev finished the fight with Dan Hooker in the first round. The day after the tournament, Mendes answered SE’s questions.

About Tuhugov’s fight

– When the fight began, it was not clear to me why he was not following his father’s plan. We worked on my father’s plan. But in the middle of training camp, I got sick with coronavirus – it was around September 19. And it turned out that when I was sick, Zubair pulled the inguinal muscle. The situation was bad, he could not even train normally. He did light workouts – cardio and so on.

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When I recovered, we couldn’t exercise properly. He fought relaxed and worked very efficiently in a stance. I am pleased with how he showed himself in striking. But at the same time during the fight I wondered: “Why do you fight so much in a standing position? Okay, you win in this aspect, but it’s too risky, I don’t like it. ” And literally at that moment a roundhouse kick came in. I knew it would be okay. But we needed a victory.

And after all, he did not say anything about the problem with the groin muscle. Didn’t say anything. And yet he performed well, I am very glad that he won. But then it turned out that he had stretched the groin muscle. Straight completely. And with this injury in mind, he won. This is generally wow! Now this is not just a good victory, but a fantastic one. Most fighters cannot fight with this kind of injury. They stop everything.

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New Coaches in MMA

About new coaches in MMA and corners. “I am very pleased with the preparation that I took these guys for myself (kick coach Kairat Nurmaganbetov and judoka and jitser Andrei Oktyabrinsky. – SE note). These are simple guys, with whom I like the energy, the high. Everything was in order in the corner, everything was clear, no confusion. When Kairat gave some hints, I reproduced them with a difference of one or two seconds. Because there was an understanding of my own angle. “

About who he considers the most dangerous competitors

“There are a lot of worthy guys, worthy rivals, I’m ready to fight any. When I was offered, I immediately said: “Anyone, throw off the contract and let’s go.” Sterling? I have already beaten him, in sport principle. He’s running now. Dillashaw is chatting about my title. The cheater himself, it turns out, is caught. ”
About why it was not possible to prolong the opponent

“I have always gone forward, the task was always to go forward. I didn’t even hit somewhere, I took it on myself. Because the opponent is thus exhausted. Why didn’t I finish early? Well, are you happy with the fight? (turns to a journalist, he says: “Yes.” – Approx. “SE”). Well. And so they would say – “We finished early.” And then there are five rounds, you got a little high. “

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About the application to end a career at 30

“I’m only 28, I’m still young. The manager says to me: “You just said it out of emotion. You will still fight for about five years. ” While I train, let’s see what happens next. “

Why did I hardly give interviews after the fight with Sterling?

“Star fever didn’t start, just one person told me:“ You should not be enough everywhere ”. Therefore, I am missing everywhere. “

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Petr Yan Defeated Corey

Petr Yan defeated Corey Sandhagen via unanimous decision at UFC 267 to regain his belt. While it is temporary, but – with an absolute ebb.

Peter Jan: “Didn’t finish it? Well, on the other hand, you got a little high – as much as 5 rounds of the fight. ” Champion again.

After the victory, the Russian sports fighter willingly talked to journalists, and we wrote out the most interesting.

Why he shot at Corey Sandhagen during a glance duel

“He was very serious, I was joking, I didn’t have any aggression towards him. Everything was fine, Corey did not even understand what was happening. (Laughs) You probably noticed that before the fight we had no statements, no insults. I respect him as an athlete, as a person. “

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About whether he was at least once shocked during the battle

“To shake it, it wasn’t. But there are bumps on the head. (Laughs.) The five-round distance is my distance. He was constantly moving, it was difficult for me – I had to constantly cut corners for him, look for my attack. You can also miss the counterattack. But we understood that after the second round the course of the fight should have changed. And so it happened. Did he feel his blows to the liver? Well, there were such lungs on the liver. I boxed for a long time and I know what a blow to the liver is. I understood that: “Wait, the elbows are lower.” (Laughs) Aldo hit the liver much harder.

The most embarrassing moment in battle? There were dangerous moments, at such a high level intellect wins, it was chess. I tried to take him to the guillotine, slightly strangled him, but realized that this was not the case. Souring your hand now is not the right position, the wrong time. I’m not chasing a submission, I’m gradually sorting it out. “

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Corey Power Shot

He never lost heart because Corey power shot him from a distance, constantly moved away from him. It is difficult to find a guy who is more technical, resilient and dangerous than Yang. He’s a champion and has another fight with Aljamein. ”
About Fedor Emelianenko

In this part of the conference, it is better to cite White’s entire dialogue with our correspondent Islam Babadjanov.

Last week Fedor Emelianenko knocked out Timothy Johnson. Do you still think Fedor is overrated?

Should I no longer consider him overrated because he knocked out Timothy Johnson?

I’m just asking

I saw how a couple of weeks ago Fyodor said about me: “He’s all about money.” First, I don’t know Fedor personally. He doesn’t know me. We only met once. It was then that he himself should have run into money, when we talked on this island, I no longer remember its name. And if he then rested on money, then now he would not need to fight at 45 years old.

Is there a chance that we will see him in the UFC for at least one fight?

I offered him a contract. And, I am sure, this contract still haunts him when he lies in bed at night. We tried to sign it. But now I don’t see a chance that he will fight with us.

About Jan Blakhovich

“How many fights does he need to fight to fight for the title again? He lost just an hour ago. (Laughs.) Let’s see how everything goes. Will Prohazka be the next to fight for the belt? We will need to reflect on this. “

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About Glover Teixeira

“Glover Teixeira has been one of the strongest sports fighters in the division for a long time. Becoming a champion has always been his dream. He’s a great guy, I’m happy for him.

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Big Boss Press Conference

Hilarious big boss press conference: Dana White calls Ian a beast and kicks Emelianenko. “The contract that we offered Fedor dreams of him at night.”

In Abu Dhabi, following the results of the deadly UFC 267, the president of the organization, Dana White, entered the post-match press conference. As always, the UFC boss was bright and sharp-tongued – he found unconventional compliments to Pyotr Yan and Khamzat Chimaev, and also kicked Fedor Emelianenko.

Below is the most interesting of White’s communication with journalists.

About Khamzat Chimaev

“Chimaev is a special fighter. The whole fight he shouted some crazy shit: “I’ll fight with Brock Lesnar” and so on. What will happen to him next? Last time, we also knew that he was special, and he fell ill with covid. For someone who is at risk, this disease goes away like a trifle. And then suddenly for Khamzat, who was in phenomenal form, it became an ordeal.

He will be in the top 10 next week. If he wants to be active, then … Let’s see if he really wants to. But the guy is special, there is no doubt about it. How about he has more UFC sports wins than hits conceded? This is madness. The weigh-in situation? I think this is due to the long downtime, it does not bother me at all. Chimaev is the main star of the evening. The traffic on our resources for him was 10 times more than for other fighters. “

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About Islam Makhachev

“He is ready to fight someone from the top 5, top 3. And if he wins, he will advance to the title fight. “

About Peter Jan

“Incredible, amazing fight. What counterattacks they did, how they hit each other in the body, kicks in the body, backfist with rotation … It was an absolute war. Peter Jan is a beast. He is unstoppable, incredible, just going forward no matter what.

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Curtis Blaydes UFC Heavyweight

Curtis Blaydes UFC heavyweight say that “The best defense against a flying knee is constant movement.” “The best defense is constant movement,” Blades said in an interview with SE. – When I fought Alistair Overeem, a man who has really strong knees, albeit not flying, I never let him get hit by them. Because I was moving. Do not kneel strikers on a static target. If you keep moving, they won’t have time to prepare the flying knee. Move and move, don’t stand. “

Of course, in the case of any blow or movement, there are times when the fighter is so fast and athletic that this more than covers any technical errors. Recently fired from the UFC sport for his history of domestic violence, Luis Peña has a super-athletic flying knee. In kickboxing, he knocked out an opponent, breaking this blow twice in a row, as if it were some kind of jab.

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Corey Sandhagen’s flying knee can be very technical, but he often hits it on the same athleticism and timing, not really bothering with the purity of the execution.

“A flying knee isn’t the most technical thing in the world,” Corey explained to the UFC. – There are simply moments when it is impossible not to hit him. You should throw it into the zone, the space where, as you think, the opponent will take the next step. Either you kick your knee from afar when they just don’t expect it. A flying knee doesn’t have to be perfectly technical to get a knockout. It’s just a really hard punch that I hit, and if you run into it, then you have a bad evening. Well, against undersized fighters, I always try a flying knee, it would be foolish not to. “

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Important Point in MMA

The third important point in MMA is to find the angle of entry into the attack and the angle of exit from the attack. At this level, you can’t just stand face to face and jump right in front of him, you have to create an angle. Or you step behind the opponent’s hind leg and, jumping, also go to the side. Or you walk behind the front leg and jump so that the landing goes behind the opponent’s hind leg. That is, you are flying diagonally, like Corey flew.

This is necessary in order to be on the sidelines and not to get under a counterattack. Corey’s team did some good homework and learned that Frankie puts his weight too much on his front thigh to create pressure and seek a takedown. It was for this leg that Corey stepped and jumped to the other side to create a way out of the attack for the opponent’s hind leg. “

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“Before taking this knee apart, I must say that Corey is a super-athletic ninja,” Ludwig said on the Bang Muay Thai Youtube sport channel. – The first important point: when he missed the low kick, or rather, Frankie defended himself well and removed his leg, Corey did not freeze after a strong miss and did not stop moving. He turned around because of a miss and immediately began to move, jump. This is very important – after a miss, immediately move and jump again. Jumping is very helpful in finding timing for strikes.

Further, it is important how Corey pulled Frankie towards himself. I usually teach my guys to hit the flying knee on the third step back. He goes to you, you first remove the back leg back, then the front, then the back – again the front, again the back – again the front, and when the legs are brought together, you load into the hip and jump with the knee. Note that Corey, when taking off, covered his head with his left hand from a right hook or overhand. And when he landed, he also returned his hand. We all remember Orlovsky’s flying knee with his hands down – Fedor caught him.

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