The Nets Have No Intention To Take Down Blake Griffin

The Nets Have No Intention To Take Down Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin is officially a part of the Brooklyn Nets team. But until now there is no certainty, when he will wear the new uniform to compete. Steve Nash himself is still waiting until Griffin is completely fit. They are in no rush to take down the former Detroit Pistons star.

The puzzle regarding Griffin’s debut with the Nets has not been answer until now. In fact, he was just not at his best. Because, Griffin just came out of the quarantine room. The contacts made by the NBA, Griffin, were proven to be with people who test positive for Covid-19. He must be quarantine according to NBA health protocols.

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In the press plan after Saturday night’s match. The Nets beat the Detroit Pistons by a score of 100-95. Nash answer media crew questions about Griffin. The young trainer said Griffin would be demote in a week or two, as quote from the @RTNBA twitter account. Nash continue that he was still waiting until Griffin’s physical condition was perfect.

The Nets have not yet field Griffin in the match. They are still in their comfort zone. The Nets are now in second place in the Eastern Conference standings behind the Philadelphia 76ers. They collected 26 wins from 39 matches. So there is a good reason why Griffin is yet to make his debut.

Griffin is not the player project to make up the Nets first team. He will play a role in the second line, with limited playing time. While waiting, Griffin will see DeAndre Jordan and friends playing. Paying attention to all of Nash’s pattern strategies. This is the reason Nash always invites Griffin to sit on the team bench when competing.

The Nets formed to form Griffin as a player to boost their strength in the playoffs later. Griffin himself chooses to remain patient, and wait until the opportunity to play comes. Physical and physical, Griffin does not feel any problems in him.

Ales Caruso Has A Chance To Leave The Lakers

Ales Caruso has a chance to leave The Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers still have their fangs in the Western Conference, despite struggling in the weeks before the first leg of the 2020-2021 NBA season closes. The Lakers had problems with the fitness of the players, especially the first team. Successive contributions from the bench can make up for these weaknesses. One of them is from Alex Caruso. But there are opportunities that allow Caruso to leave the Lakers when this season ends.

Caruso is still in second line for the Lakers this season, with one year remaining on his contract. In 29 games, Caruso averaged 5.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game. His presence on the pitch brought a different energy to the Lakers team. But Lakers fans seem to be starting to worry about the 27-year-old’s future.

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According to data, Caruso still has a US $ 2.7 million contract with the Lakers this season. Next season, he will be a “free agent” player. Reportedly, Caruso wants to get a better salary next season. He cannot continue to receive a salary in the range of two million dollars per season.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that the Lakers could keep Caruso. The condition is that management must spend around US $ 9.5 million per season. That’s not an expensive salary compared to Caruso’s contributions to the Lakers so far.

But the situation is different now. The Lakers have priority to keep several players, including Dennis Schroder, who has now secured the position as the team’s main point guard. So maintaining Schroder and Caruso who both want to raise salaries is very difficult for the Lakers. But on the other hand, the Lakers management still wants to have a competitive roster.

So The Lakers fans must be ready if at the end of the season, Caruso has to say goodbye. He is one of the players who contributed to bringing the Lakers to the 2019-2020 NBA championship. (Ales Caruso Has A Chance To Leave The Lakers)

Kyle Lowry Agent Denied The False News About His Client

Kyle Lowry Agent Denied The False News About His Client. Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry is reportedly looking to join the Philadelphia 76ers. It turns out that this news is just a figment. Lowry’s agent Mark Bartelstein tries to straighten out the news that could break his client’s focus on the game. He immediately contacted Raptors management to dismiss the slanted news.

Bartelstein made sure that Lowry didn’t leave the Raptors. Where as last week, there was news that Lowry want to join the Sixers, and the two teams were already in serious talks. This rumor was immediately dismis by Bartelstein, because it could affect the harmonious relationship between Lowry and the Raptors management.

The Truth About Kyle Lowry And The Sixer

“There was news that Lowry wanted to play in the Sixers. It was not true. When the news came out, I immediately called Masai Ujiri (president of the Raptors) and Bobby Webster (manager of the Raptors). I assured them that the news was untrue and we were not the ones at all. gave that statement, “said Bartelstein, quoted by Fox Sports.

According to Bartelstein, the difficulties experienced by the Raptors in the half of the 2020-2021 season are not the right reason to make the story that Lowry wants to move clubs. Lowry is doing his best to get the Raptors back into the Eastern Conference top flight.

Kyle Lowry and The Raptors

“They (Raptors) did have some difficulties at the start of the season. But now it’s better. Right now the focus is on helping them climb the Eastern Conference standings,” added Bartelstein.

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Lowry played 27 games this season. Several times had to be absent due to injuries, including injury to the thumb. He scored the Raptors average now in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings with a winning percentage of 50 percent (17-17).

DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Rockets Agree to Separate

DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Rockets Agree to Separate. No wind without rain, shocking news came from the Houston Rockets. Report The Athletic, the Rockets have just found an agreement with their flashlight, DeMarcus Cousins, to make a contract termination. The Rockets don’t see the Cousins ​​as part of their team for the rest of the season. Rockets want to get off with a flashlight younger and faster, like Christian Wood.

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Cousin’s Contract Termination

Interestingly, it was report by ESPN one day earlier that the Rockets had just confirm their contract this season was guarantee. That means, even if the contract is terminate, Cousins ​​will still get the full US $ 2.3 million in contract value. In addition, after the contract termination was formalize, Cousins ​​was also entitle to join the team he want.

Cousins ​​indeed had a hard time finding his best performance again after the Achilles injury in 2018 when he was still defending the New Orleans Pelicans. Its performance with the Rockets was very unstable. In the first 11 games, he only score 6.1 points with an accuracy of 26.3 percent. He was also sent off twice from the field.

However, at the end of January, Cousins ​​seemed to find his rhythm. In the last 14 games he has play, the 30-year-old has average 12.4 points with an accuracy of 44.6 percent. In the Rockets’ last game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Cousins ​​even perform nicely with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Cousin’s New Team Queue List

In terms of the game, Cousins ​​is still very problematic in defense. The problem that has been present since the beginning he played in the NBA. However, lately he has also been increasingly question in his decision making. On several occasions, Cousins ​​seemed so eager to score that he ignored the team’s scheme. When he failed, without thinking he just made a foul.

However, it felt like if he managed to find a team that contained a few more veteran players than him, he could be even better. Take for example when he played for the Golden State Warriors, Cousins ​​could actually play according to the portion given. The 34 percent accuracy of three point with nearly five tries per game is arguably quite up to the standards of modern flashlights in attack.

The teams that are suitable for using the services of Cousins ​​are teams whose reserve ranks are less productive or are not in the flashlight position. The Los Angeles Lakers can count as Marc Gasol continues to decline physically and be involved in their attacks. The Portland Trail Blazers who lost Jusuf Nurkic also felt like they could take a glance at Cousins. The New York Knicks who lost Mitchell Robinson should also be on the queue list. Teams like the Toronto Raptors and Warriors who have also been struggling in the flashlight position also make perfect sense to see Cousins ​​as their option.

Jeremy Lin Goes Crazy In G-League 2021

Jeremy Lin Goes Crazy In G-League 2021. Jeremy Lin prove that he really want to return to the NBA. Because, Lin appear crazy in three G-League 2021 matches with the Santa Cruz Warriors. Finally, Lin scored 29 points to help the Warriors to their inaugural victory over the Westchester Knicks, Saturday night, United States time.

Lin has stolen the public’s attention in three G-League matches with the Warriors. In the first match against Ignite, Lin scored 18 points, five assists, three rebounds and three steals. But his team lost 104-110. Then in the second match, the Warriors also lost. This time the Warriors surrender 92-103 to the Delaware Blue Coats. Lin appeared 23 minutes with a contribution of seven points, seven assists and three rebounds.

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Jeremy Lin Match History

In the Warriors ‘third match last Saturday night, Lin appear surprisingly by becoming the Warriors’ top scorer. He score 29 points, nine assists and two steals in 31 minutes on the field. Lin include seven of the nine tripoin trials. The Warriors win 124-116 over the Westchester Knicks. The 32-year-old now averages 18.0 points and 7.0 assists per game in the G-League.

Lin looked very emotional when he compete against the Westchester Knicks, which incidentally is an affiliate team of the New York Knicks, the team that made his name. The nickname “Linsanity” was also obtain when defending the Knicks in the 2011-2012 season ago. An unforgettable moment was when Lin score the tripoin shot that gave the Knicks a 90-87 win over the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Center. At that time, he managed to collect 27 points and 11 assists.

No NBA Team Contract Offer for Jeremy Lin

But Lin’s streak in the NBA has faded in recent years. His status as an NBA champion with the Raptors in 2019 could not save his career in the NBA. No NBA team has offered him a contract on the “free agent” player market in 2019. Until finally, Lin had to return to China to play at CBA.

Lin didn’t just give up. He was willing to leave his popularity in China to get back on his feet to appear in the NBA. Lin started his step from the G-League. He wants to show that he is still worthy of appearing in the NBA. And must be able to maximize 15 matches in the G-League 2021 as a place to show off his abilities.

Although he was hamper by the Letter of Clearence (LOC) issue, Lin finally got a two-way contract with Santa Cruz Warrirors. Meanwhile, the NBA’s rules for this season have been relax due to the Covid-19 pandemic. NBA teams can recruit players from the G-League at any time. This meant that Lin could be recruited by the NBA team at any time. But before that happens, Lin must focus on his performances in the G-League. Furthermore, Lin and the Warriors will face Raptors 905, an affiliate of the Toronto Raptors, on Monday evening, United States time. (Jeremy Lin Goes Crazy In G-League 2021)

Kevin Durant had great success with the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant had great success with the Golden State Warriors. In three years with Steve Kerr’s team, Durant has won two NBA titles. But now he is knitting his dream back with the Brooklyn Nets. The team that initially did not have a chance to win. Indeed, it feels a little strange, if you see Durant who is dominant with the Warriors, suddenly decides to move clubs. But for Steve Nash, he understood Durant’s decision last year.

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Kevin Durant Transfer History

It came as a surprise when Durant decide to move to the Nets in 2019. First, he was seriously injured. His Achilles tendon broke while competing in the 2019 NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. Then to another surprise, Durant turned down the offer of the New York Knicks, the Nets’ neighbors. He actually accepted the Nets offer, which at that time had no stars at all. In fact, Durant was willing to sign a contract for four years.

There is speculation that Durant’s move to the Nets was only to play with Kyrie Irving. But Durant himself last season denied the speculation. He moved to the Nets of his own choosing. Not influenced by the people on the team.

But the fact is that it is. The people of the Nets never forced him to return immediately. Durant was left to focus on his injury recovery, despite missing a season. In addition, the Nets were again tested for their patience when Kyrie Irving stepped aside to heal his shoulder injury.

The Story of Kevin Durant’s decide to move to the Nets.

However, Steve Nash finally opened his voice about the story of Durant’s move to the Nets. In The Bill Simmons Podcast from The Ringer, Nash praises Durant for being a wise man. Durant has a sense of the whims of the club. Especially when the Nets intend to build a more competitive team, but are in no rush.

“I think Durant is uncomfortable when he is underestimate. Therefore, he decide to join the Warriors. He manage to get something big when he decide to leave OKC Thunder, and move closer to Golden State,” Nash said, starting his story.

“After the experience he had with the Warriors, I thought he was not going anywhere. But I was wrong.”

When Durant moved to the Nets, Nash, who was also part of the Warriors coaching team, became interested in finding out more. Finally, fate brought the two of them together. A year after Durant joined the Nets, Nash was asked to become the new head coach of the team.

“I finally know, Kevin (Durant) is a wise man. He is not complicate like other players, but has a more advanced thinking. As a player, Kevin has never stopped looking for what excites him,” said Nash.

“Kevin wanted something different, so he could push his abilities to the limit. And that’s what happened today. Kevin really took everything he had until he was left with nothing.”

The Brooklyn Nets is a new challenge for Durant. He’s probably got everything in the Warriors. Instead, the Nets had to build from scratch. Together with Irving and Harden, Durant tries to rediscover his passion for playing basketball. (Kevin Durant had great success with the Golden State Warriors)

Nick Kyrgios reveals how this athlete tattoo still inspires him

Nick Kyrgios reveals how this athlete tattoo still inspires him. Australian national Nick Kyrgios is known as one of the true fans of the giant NBA club, Los Angeles Lakers.

However, his fondness for the Lakers became evident when the world lost one of the club’s legends, Kobe Bryant in a tragic helicopter crash and when he entered the Rod Laver Arena for the fourth round of the 2020 Australian Open against Rafael Nadal, an Australian national who wore Byrant’s oversized jersey while strengthening. Lakers.

The helicopter accident occurred exactly one day before the Australian national tennis player’s match against Nadal. Since then, he has changed a lot.

Nick Kyrgios controversy and rumours

The player who has often been involve in controversy; is currently competing in the Murray River Open as a warm-up for the 2021 Australian Open. His most recent win was in the second round of the Murray River Open; when he beat compatriot Harry Bourchier in straight sets.

Despite all the controversy that she frequently stirs up, the 25-year-old has the potential to beat the Top Three and win a Grand Slam title only if she is able to regulate her emotions and bring out her best.

In recent seasons, he has had everything but calm. However, as long as the COVID-19 pandemic was rampant, he seems to find a way to calm the storm that was always rumbling inside him.

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Nick Kyrgios media interview statement

In a recent interview, the world number 47 paid tribute to Bryant for his change.

“I have a Kobe tattoo on my arm,” admitted Kyrgios.

“So when I look down, it definitely triggers me back, memories of how he compete, how he want to be remember.”

“But, it help me. I definitely feel that when I’m on the pitch, I feel like I’ve been going through the tournament for a while now, I don’t think I will be as angry as I use to be. I just feel I know what style of tennis I have to play to win the match. “

If Mamba’s mentality, the world number 47, is any reference, he is definitely on the right track. He cannot return to defend Australia in the ATP Cup like last season, but Murray River Open can still be an opportunity for him to show his character.

Kyrgios is back in action after nearly a season out of the tournament and the form he’s put in is admirable. Now, in order to advance to the Murray River Open quarter-finals, he will face fourth seed Borna Coric.

LeBron James likes to interact with the audience

LeBron James likes to interact with the audience. The Los Angeles Lakers closed a series of seven games away from home with a visit to the Atlanta Hawks headquarters, State Farm Arena, on Monday evening local time. The Lakers closed the game with a 107-99 win over the hosts. But there is an interesting story in this match. LeBron James was involved in an argument with one of the Hawks fans. As a result, the match was paused for a moment, and the audience was asked to leave the arena.

The referee stopped play midway through the fourth quarter, after two women sitting on the sidelines interrupted the match. It was later discovered that the name of one of the women was Juliana Carlos. In stories on his personal Instagram @julianaacarlos, he explained the incident.

The affiliated statement

“LeBron James saw my husband during the game and cursed at him,” she said.

After the match, James responded to the events. Including explaining the events between him and the woman’s husband, known as Chris Carlos.

“I am delighted that the fans will be able to return to watch the match live,” said James, opening a question and answer session with reporters, quoted by CBS Sports.

“We as players need interactions. Honestly, I miss that kind of interaction. But I feel they don’t need to be kicked out of the arena. It’s just about a fight between two grown men. We throw words at each other, and that’s normal. Then there are other people who try to join in on this conversation. “

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LeBron James point of view about the interaction

Indeed, throughout the match, James only threw words at each other. And, the man who is known as the husband of Juliana Carlos did not get up from his seat. In fact, Juliana Carlos was seen standing, pointing at James, saying not to disturb her husband.

James thought that they shouldn’t be kicked out of the arena. However, because it had started to interfere with the match, James agreed with the referee’s action. They were eventually forced to leave the arena.

Apparently, it wasn’t a first for James. At least in the last two weeks. Because, when he returned to Quicken Loans Arena to face the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, James seemed annoyed by one of the Cavaliers team staff. LeBron James failed to shoot at the end of the third quarter.

“He looked happy when I missed a shot. But he did do it to support his favorite team,” said James.

Some NBA teams have allowed spectators to see live matches. One of them is the Atlanta Hawks. However, the NBA will again check the discipline of the team in implementing health protocols. Because, in the video of the LeBron James quarreling incident, the two women were not wearing masks. Even though this is the main requirement for spectators to watch NBA games. (LeBron James likes to interact with the audience)

Los Angeles Lakers Winning Streak

Los Angeles Lakers Winning Streak. The Los Angeles Lakers closed a series of seven games away from home with a 107-99 win over the Atlanta Hawks, at the State Farm Arena, Monday evening local time. Hawks put up a fierce resistance, but ultimately they could not stop the Lakers in fourth to fourth.

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Los Angeles Lakers close out of seven games away with a sweet win

Anthony Davis and Montrezl Harrell made it difficult for the Hawks defense. Davis scored 25 points and Trezz added 19 from the bench. Meanwhile, LeBron James scored 21 points, nine assists and seven rebounds. Of the total points, James was able to enter nine points in the last minute.

In fact, for the Hawks, Trae Young scored 25 points and 16 assists. John Collins followed with 22 points, then Clint Capela had 16 points and 13 rebounds. The bad news is that the Hawks did not leave De’Andre Hunter with a knee injury last Friday. Hunters Absence had an effect on the Hawks point productivity. On the other hand, the scenario of keeping James using Cam Reddish and Kevin Huerter didn’t go well.

The Lakers led 9-2 at the start of the game. But the Hawks managed to get up and provide resistance. The match started to be balanced at the end of the first half. The Lakers were just four points ahead (50-46) at halftime. Entering the third quarter, the Hawks got a breath of fresh air. The Lakers’ defense was loose, so they could score 30 points. The Hawks won 76-75 at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, the Lakers returned to display a great game, especially in defense. Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma manage Young. While in the paint area, Davis and Trezz dispelled Capela. As a result, Muda only scored seven points. Meanwhile, Capela only scored six points, without an abundant supply of balls as in the previous three quarters. The Hawks defense was breached by LeBron James in the last minute. James scored nine points in just one minute. This is what makes the Lakers a winner over the Hawks.

The Lakers took two days off. They will play again on Thursday, February 4, US time. The Lakers compete against the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center. Meanwhile, the Nuggets suffered a postponement today against the Detroit Pistons. According to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, a Pistons player tested positive for Covid-19, so the entire team will be further examined. (Los Angeles Lakers Winning Streak)

Without a star, the Clippers beat the Heat!

Without a star, the Clippers beat the Heat! Head coach Tyronn Lue changes the LA Clippers’ style slightly when they travel to the Miami Heat headquarters, American Airlines Arena, on Thursday night, US time. The Clippers, who appear without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, rely on teamwork this time. They are arguably lucky, being able to survive the Heat’s revival in the fourth quarter. The Clippers won 109-105 narrowly.

The two teams, the Clippers and Heat, only appeared with nine players. The Clippers are without Leonard and George, while the Heat rely on young players such as Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, and Bam Adebayo.

Heat winning 33-19 in the first quarter. The Heat can take advantage of the weak defense outside the bow, so they are able to enter seven Three point. The Clippers replied in the second quarter. They put in five Three point which kept the Clippers 48-50 at halftime.

Three point rains occurred again in the third quarter. This time the Clippers had five consecutive Three point shots in the five minutes of the third quarter. They added three more Three point before the third quarter closed. Clippers ahead 40-19 (88-69). Then, the Heat got up in the fourth quarter. Through Herro and Adebayo captivating performances, the Heat reduced the position to 100-106 with 45 seconds remaining.

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Two free shots of Morris keep the Clippers, 108-100. But in the last 20 seconds, the Heat added five points through Adebayo’s layup and slam dunk and Herro’s free shot. Heat’s last attempt at Three point failed. So they have to accept defeat by a margin of four points (105-109).

Interestingly, in that match not a single player from both teams scored 20 points. In the Miami Heat team, Tylerr Herro scored 19 points and 10 rebounds. Gabe Vincent followed with 18 points, Bam Adebayo with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Max Strus scored 12 points, and Kendrick Nunn and Precious Achiuwa each contributed 10 points. In contrast to the Clippers, Nicolas Batum scored 18 points. Followed by Lou Williams (17 points), Reggie Jackson (16 points), Marcus Morris Sr. (16 points), Terance Mann (12 points), and Serge Ibaka (10 points and 13 rebounds).

With today’s win, the Clippers move up to second with a 14-5 match record. They could go up because the Los Angeles Lakers lost 92-107 to the Detroit Pistons. Tomorrow the Clippers will play the Orlando Magic, at the Amway Center. (Without a star, the Clippers beat the Heat!)