How Formula 1 Is Winning Over New Fans

Well for a beginning there have actually been lots of problems regarding the cost of watch the Formula 1 Races, the absence of action and the hard driving conditions on some of the race tracks. This has led to a reduction in the television audience viewing the Formula 1 races.

Formula 1

The argument goes that since of the lower TELEVISION audiences and reduced reward cash chauffeurs were not inspired to drive as difficult as they made use of to and also the outcome was much less affordable Formula 1 races.

These brand-new streamlined looking vehicles are getting much faster every year and also some can go as fast as practically half the autos in previous races. They have aerodynamic components, reduced drag as well as are much lighter than the old automobiles.

Other teams worry concerning the smaller budget plans they will certainly have compared to the huge teams. They desire quick cars and the excitement of seeing their favorite group struck the dirt at the track.

New technology likewise enters into play as some groups now make use of satellite navigating equipment. This is an innovative type of car navigation as well as it permits the team to intend their laps as well as avoid any kind of issues on the straights. There are several challenges that a group may face on track. After that they may soon shed their grasp and start dropping out of the races, if they do not recognize how to fix these problems. The navigation tools assists them map out the program and also avoid problem.


The brand-new technology aids new followers to see the races online too. Several of these new fans are very technology savvy and can utilize the internet to follow their favorite team and also see what is happening in the races. With so much on the line each race, the cars need all the help they can obtain.

Every race the teams position their automobiles to bring a brand-new wave of fans that are excited to see what they are going to do. If a group loses a race it has a substantial influence on the remainder of the season.

Well for a begin there have actually been many problems regarding the cost of watch the races, the lack of action and also the difficult driving conditions on some of the race tracks. Numerous of these new fans are extremely technology savvy as well as can use the internet to follow their preferred team as well as see what is taking place in the races. The automobiles are made to permit maximum rate as well as the teams put everything they have into the race. Every race the groups put their autos to bring a brand-new wave of followers that are eager to see what they are going to do. If a team loses a race it has a huge influence on the remainder of the period.

F1 Bahrain GP: Romain Grosjean After Escaping Death

Dubai – Romain Grosjean suffered a terrible accident during the Formula 1 race of the 2020 F1 Bahrain GP. This is the latest condition of the Haas F1 team racer.
Grosjean started the Bahrain Grand Prix F1 race at the Bahrain International Circuit, Sunday (29/11/2020) evening WIB in 19th position. On the first lap, an unexpected incident happened to the 34-year-old driver.

When entering Turn 3, Grosjean’s car was hit from behind by Daniil Kvyat from the AlphaTauri team. Sparks appeared behind his Haas VF-20.

Grosjean lost control of his vehicle which continued to move to the gravel until it hit the barrier. As a result, there was a large explosion which devoured the car.

Luckily, Romain Grosjean got out of the car and survived the rage of the Red Rooster. The French man was immediately helped by medics and was immediately taken to the hospital.

F1 Bahrain GP Was Stopped

The race was stopped for more than an hour due to the accident experienced by Grosjean. F1 Bahrain GP 2020 then resumed and ended with Lewis Hamilton’s victory.

Launching the official F1 page, Grosjean is known to be in good condition and there are no broken bones at all. Even so, he had burns on both of his arms, so they had to be bandaged.

Grosjean revealed the reason he could survive the terrible incident he experienced. He admits that it’s the Halo safety device on his car that saved his life.

“Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that I was fine, well it seems fine. Thank you very much for all the messages,” said Grosjean, quoted from the F1 page.

“I wasn’t really interested in Halo a few years ago, but I think that was the greatest thing we brought to Formula 1. Without it, I couldn’t talk to you today,” he added.

“Thank you to all the medical staff on the circuit, at the hospital, and hopefully I can write some more messages soon and tell you how things are going,” said Romain Grosjean after experiencing a severe crash at the 2020 F1 Bahrain GP.