Important Point in MMA

Important Point in MMA

The third important point in MMA is to find the angle of entry into the attack and the angle of exit from the attack. At this level, you can’t just stand face to face and jump right in front of him, you have to create an angle. Or you step behind the opponent’s hind leg and, jumping, also go to the side. Or you walk behind the front leg and jump so that the landing goes behind the opponent’s hind leg. That is, you are flying diagonally, like Corey flew.

This is necessary in order to be on the sidelines and not to get under a counterattack. Corey’s team did some good homework and learned that Frankie puts his weight too much on his front thigh to create pressure and seek a takedown. It was for this leg that Corey stepped and jumped to the other side to create a way out of the attack for the opponent’s hind leg. “

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“Before taking this knee apart, I must say that Corey is a super-athletic ninja,” Ludwig said on the Bang Muay Thai Youtube sport channel. – The first important point: when he missed the low kick, or rather, Frankie defended himself well and removed his leg, Corey did not freeze after a strong miss and did not stop moving. He turned around because of a miss and immediately began to move, jump. This is very important – after a miss, immediately move and jump again. Jumping is very helpful in finding timing for strikes.

Further, it is important how Corey pulled Frankie towards himself. I usually teach my guys to hit the flying knee on the third step back. He goes to you, you first remove the back leg back, then the front, then the back – again the front, again the back – again the front, and when the legs are brought together, you load into the hip and jump with the knee. Note that Corey, when taking off, covered his head with his left hand from a right hook or overhand. And when he landed, he also returned his hand. We all remember Orlovsky’s flying knee with his hands down – Fedor caught him.

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