Corey Power Shot

Corey Power Shot

He never lost heart because Corey power shot him from a distance, constantly moved away from him. It is difficult to find a guy who is more technical, resilient and dangerous than Yang. He’s a champion and has another fight with Aljamein. ”
About Fedor Emelianenko

In this part of the conference, it is better to cite White’s entire dialogue with our correspondent Islam Babadjanov.

Last week Fedor Emelianenko knocked out Timothy Johnson. Do you still think Fedor is overrated?

Should I no longer consider him overrated because he knocked out Timothy Johnson?

I’m just asking

I saw how a couple of weeks ago Fyodor said about me: “He’s all about money.” First, I don’t know Fedor personally. He doesn’t know me. We only met once. It was then that he himself should have run into money, when we talked on this island, I no longer remember its name. And if he then rested on money, then now he would not need to fight at 45 years old.

Is there a chance that we will see him in the UFC for at least one fight?

I offered him a contract. And, I am sure, this contract still haunts him when he lies in bed at night. We tried to sign it. But now I don’t see a chance that he will fight with us.

About Jan Blakhovich

“How many fights does he need to fight to fight for the title again? He lost just an hour ago. (Laughs.) Let’s see how everything goes. Will Prohazka be the next to fight for the belt? We will need to reflect on this. “

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About Glover Teixeira

“Glover Teixeira has been one of the strongest sports fighters in the division for a long time. Becoming a champion has always been his dream. He’s a great guy, I’m happy for him.

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