Petr Yan Defeated Corey

Petr Yan Defeated Corey

Petr Yan defeated Corey Sandhagen via unanimous decision at UFC 267 to regain his belt. While it is temporary, but – with an absolute ebb.

Peter Jan: “Didn’t finish it? Well, on the other hand, you got a little high – as much as 5 rounds of the fight. ” Champion again.

After the victory, the Russian sports fighter willingly talked to journalists, and we wrote out the most interesting.

Why he shot at Corey Sandhagen during a glance duel

“He was very serious, I was joking, I didn’t have any aggression towards him. Everything was fine, Corey did not even understand what was happening. (Laughs) You probably noticed that before the fight we had no statements, no insults. I respect him as an athlete, as a person. “

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About whether he was at least once shocked during the battle

“To shake it, it wasn’t. But there are bumps on the head. (Laughs.) The five-round distance is my distance. He was constantly moving, it was difficult for me – I had to constantly cut corners for him, look for my attack. You can also miss the counterattack. But we understood that after the second round the course of the fight should have changed. And so it happened. Did he feel his blows to the liver? Well, there were such lungs on the liver. I boxed for a long time and I know what a blow to the liver is. I understood that: “Wait, the elbows are lower.” (Laughs) Aldo hit the liver much harder.

The most embarrassing moment in battle? There were dangerous moments, at such a high level intellect wins, it was chess. I tried to take him to the guillotine, slightly strangled him, but realized that this was not the case. Souring your hand now is not the right position, the wrong time. I’m not chasing a submission, I’m gradually sorting it out. “

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