The Real Warrior

The Real Warrior

Zubair showed that he is the real warrior. You might have noticed how big a ball formed on his leg. Now you know how this victory was given to him and how strong he is mentally. Khabib and I were by his side, working with him, including mentally, to show him the right path. And he won. I am very, very happy about his success. I am glad.

Curious to know what you and Khabib said to Zubair after the first round?

I said, “You are doing well, keep fighting in the stance as well, but you have to follow your father’s plan as well.” He also added: “I like your kick, hit it relaxed.” That is, in fact, what I told him: fight relaxed and do not forget about your father’s plan – but he could not implement it due to injury. I just didn’t know about it.

What is the future for Tukhugov?

A bright future awaits him if he fights high-level fighters. If he defeats three or four fighters like Ricardo Ramos, then he will fight for the UFC sports belt. Three fights, three victories – and Zubair will fight for the title.

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About Makhachev’s fight

Islam is perfect as a fighter. He always does what Khabib and I ask for. For example, when there was a fight in Las Vegas, the plan was to work in a rack. But we changed our plan an hour before going into battle. We said: no, no, let’s act according to father’s plan. And Islam coped with the task flawlessly, performed the job fantastically. And now the plan for the fight was to work according to my father’s plan, and he was flawless again.

In no way do I doubt him. Whatever I, other coaches or Khabib ask for, he copes with the task perfectly. He now has a new coach. This is taekwondo, former world champion, coach of the Olympians.

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