Beneil Series of Victories

Beneil Series of Victories

Maybe Beneil Dariush? What do you think? Beneil series of victories deserves a title chance, fights well. As the UFC says, it will be so. And so, if you want to hear my opinion, the UFC should give us a title fight now. Everyone else had a chance to win the title, but Islam did not. He is fresh blood and he deserves this chance. People are waiting. He’s like a breath of fresh air. They have to give him a fight for the title. If not, then we are ready to fight with any top, and it does not matter whether it is Dariusz or another fighter.

About Ulanbekov’s fight

Tagir is a workhorse. A real plowman. I didn’t work with him that much before, but in this camp I managed to spend more time with Tagir than usual. He did a good job, I am happy with his victory and I am sure that he will continue to gain momentum. Something went wrong in this battle, and I cannot find an explanation for this.

But I will note something else: when a person does this kind of work in the camp, how can you doubt that he will become a great sport fighter? Even if it was not the best performance against a not very strong opponent. This means that Tagir will show an excellent performance next time. Many others in such situations, in which Tagir was in battle, simply get lost and lose. And the champions still win. And he won.

About Hasbik

Hasbullah is a merry fellow. It’s great that he is surrounded by so many people, and this is understandable, because he is different, unique, and he is a wonderful person. People love him. And I don’t think he’ll ever have a real fight.

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What did you talk to him about now?

Hasbullah? We just sat talking about this and that, had fun, but I try not to flirt too much with him, because he gets tired of all this. Therefore, I have a slightly different conversation with him. I treat him like an adult, and in fact he is.

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