Flying Knee in MMA

The second type of flying knee in MMA is the split. This knee works for boxing distance. You stand at a medium distance, punch with your hands. The back right leg rises to hit with the knee, but you do not hit with it, but do the stretching and switch the weight to the left knee, which is being hit. Raise the right knee, the left leg does not come off the ground, then transfer the weight to the other side – and jump with the left knee.

Take your right leg back, with which the knee kick will go. The left supporting leg is in front, you stand on its entire foot and at the last second you jump out with your right knee. The pelvis goes forward and does not remain behind. The toe on the right leg should extend downward, with the left leg extended backward.

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The third fighting sport type is the knee in a close-range jump. Here, the flying knee and the knee from the step will no longer work. You are standing close, you can, if practicing on the paws, take the paw with your hands in a Thai grip. Weight on the right leg. You must take off with both legs at the same time. They should be aligned before jumping. The best exercise to practice this jump is to do small bounces, lifting both legs at the same time in the split. We jumped – spread our legs apart – landed with both legs at the same time. The partner should keep the paw at the level of the neck. “

Duane Ludwig, one of the best MMA coaches in the world. “You can’t just knee jump. We need an angle of entry into the attack and an angle of exit “

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The MMA Kick

The MMA kick begins with a step, transferring weight to the front leg. When this distance is not enough for us, we tear off the supporting leg in the jump. When hitting, it is very important to protrude the pelvis forward. If the pelvis stays behind when hitting, there will be no accent, it will just be a push. The knee kicks in from a longer distance. If you extend with your hand, you will not reach your opponent with it. Hit with your right knee, lift off your left supporting leg, bring out your pelvis, add your left knee. “

“If you hit with this knee, then the heel should reach as much as possible to the buttock,” said Surodeev on the Youbube-channel bloodandsweatmma. – What is it for? You need to hit not with the kneecap – many sports beginners have this mistake – but with the thigh bone. And this bone sharpens most of all, precisely when you pull the heel.

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And if you are still good at extending your pelvis forward, you bring your knee forward as much as possible and hit hard and with the necessary place. The more you shoot the pelvis forward, up to an unpleasant sensation in the back, in the lower back, the sharper the knee will be. The less you give out the pelvis, the more blow will be on the kneecap. And it hurts a lot. How to protect yourself from the knee? Overlap with hands, twist the body, if you don’t want to give up the position, some put their hands up, but it’s dangerous. “

“I would like to offer three varieties of the flying knee,” Varga said on his Youtube channel Gabriel Varga. – Each type requires a different distance. The first variety is tied to a long distance. You stand at a distance from which whatever blow you strike, it should not reach.

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Jump in MMA

And jump in MMA as high as possible. The higher you jump, the stronger the blow will be. There is a greater chance that you will knock out the person and do not miss anything in return. Therefore, the whole scheme looks like this: pinch to the wall, confuse, jump higher and stronger. After hitting the knee, it is better to grab the opponent’s head, fix the clinch. If you don’t hit with your knee, you will at least be in a good position, and you will be able to continue the classic knee strikes already to the body, to the head.

When we attack, we make a stronger jump for this knee, the momentum is greater, the blow is a little tighter. But when a person comes at you, I don’t have to jump strongly and high, I just need to do a quick break. His movement forward will do all the work for you. And the split will help your opponent not find your legs to capture. Backward spacing breaks the grip. For this blow, you need to work out a jump, muscle memory for a long time. The sport partner puts his hands on the level of the chin, and you jump with a kick. “

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Alexander Surzhko, master of sports in Thai boxing. “It is important to bring the pelvis forward, to make a jerk with your hand to strengthen, try to hit between the opponent’s hands”

“There are two variations in the direction of the knee – straight forward and from bottom to top, directed to the jaw,” analyzed Surzhko on the Youbube-channel bloodandsweatmma. – We must try to hit between the hands, where is this frame of the solar plexus, ribs and head. To strengthen the blow, a jerk of one of the hands is required. If we hit with the right knee, then this is the right hand, with the left one – the left. The second hand is at the head, so as not to strike a counter blow. The distance for a flying knee should be slightly longer than for a normal knee strike.

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Interesting UFC Analysis

We decided to collect the most interesting UFC analysis of this blow – from masters of sports in Muay Thai to world-class MMA coaches, in order to explain the nature of the flying knee as deeply and interestingly as possible.

Andrey Koreshkov, Bellator champion. “For this blow you need to pull up to the net, cheat, jump with two feet higher and stronger, play it safe by grabbing the opponent by the neck.”

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“If you take Orlovsky’s knee with Fedor, he did the right thing at first – he squeezed the man. It is most important. Because if a person has somewhere to run, then it is very easy to defend against this blow. Take a step and put your hands up. Therefore, in front of a flying knee, it is better to first press the person against the wall or already counterattack his passage to the legs, but this is already a little harder.

Andrei tried with Fedor to do something, I don’t know, from the classics of Muay Thai, when you jump with one knee. It’s a little slow because the push comes from only one leg. In our sport school of Alexander Shlemenko, we beat this blow with two feet. In a single clean and jerk, you need to lift your entire body weight with just one leg.

When you are pushing with two, you need to make some kind of deceiving move. Sit down, change the level, show that you are going to make a passage. And at this moment, you push with two legs and do a split. And, in order not to miss a punch, you need to keep your hands. Although in battle it’s easy to forget about it, so you need to get used to it.

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MMA Training Camp

I try to remember MMA training camp – and I can’t. I ask again: “When did it become know that I had a fight with him?” And I thought I might have come out on short notice. But Mark says, “Bro, two months. You trained for him for two months. ” Even after a while, the memory did not return. The doctor asked what day it was, I strained all my strength and could not remember. Said: “September, December.”

Flying Knee is a special joker in Corey’s deck. There is no other fighter on the current UFC roster who takes this shot as fast, timely, and accurate. He takes off from him like a combat fighter from behind the mountain. Strengthening this technique is Sandhagen’s significant height advantage over the division average. Corey is 180cm, and the average UFC bantamweights are 168-172cm. When you have such a height advantage, you can hit your knee like an uppercut.

I must say that the flying knee itself is a very inertial, super dynamic and dangerous blow, no matter who is performing it. No wonder the fastest knockout in UFC sport history was formalized with this particular technique. Jorge Masvidal almost killed Ben Askren already in the 5th second of the fight (although, in fact, the finish took place even in the 2-3rd seconds).

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The fact that such extremely fast knockouts are formed precisely with a flying knee is easily explained. The fighters begin the battle with a quick approach, which in the case of this blow can be used as a runaway. It is extremely difficult to knock out with a hand from such a linear run, it is also not easy to adjust to a kick, but a flying knee is the most dynamically suitable maneuver. Successful delivery of this blow depends on many factors – distance, athleticism, position, timing and anthropometric indicators.

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Sandhagen Flying Knee

Sandhagen flying knee knocks off people’s memory. Edgar even forgot the training camp after the knockout.

Knee flying out like a combat fighter over the mountains.

Petr Yan‘s rival in today’s title fight Corey Sandhagen is a rare breed drummer.

First, he knows how to turn people off with complex and flowery techniques. Secondly, he manages to do it in battles against top rivals. Thirdly, there is practically no difference for him, to bring these strikes to moving or standing targets, and, fourthly, all these techniques naturally follow from his position and do not carry any serious side risks.

The fourth point is explained by the fact that Corey combines not only dashing creative tricks, but also a solid foundation in the form of footwork, good shock school and strategic discipline. This happens quite rarely – as a rule, bright, risky strikers do not have good positional training.

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Sandhagen’s two most fiery finishes in the UFC were with a spinning wheel kick (fight with Marlon Moraes) and a flying knee (fight with Frankie Edgar). Never before have Moraes and Edgar – certainly elite fighters – lost by knockouts from kicks or knees. Moraes is a two-time Brazilian Muay Thai champion, himself a great kicker, but Corey did not keep track of the turntable. Frankie Edgar spent more than 60 takedowns in the UFC sport, always successfully passed to the legs, changed levels, but then he ran into a lethal knee for the first time.

This is the very rare knockout that is already flowing from the “beautiful” category to the “scary” category. After this knee, Frankie did not remember not only the fight itself, but also the training camp.

“I remember sitting with my coaches after the fight,” Edgar recalled in an interview with ESPN. – There are doctors nearby. I ask: “Mark (Henry – coach. – Approx.” SE “), what happened?” He says, “You had a fight.” And I remembered, yes, I had a fight. But I didn’t remember with whom. I ask: “Who did you fight with?” They say Sandhagen.

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The Fight With Adesanya

In the fight with Adesanya, The smartest enemy … Of course, he comes to thought immediately because it was recent. It was very hard to predict his move. If you take others, then I can’t say right away, you need to think … You ask the next question, and I’ll think about it for now (laughs).

Magomed Ankalaev is confidently going up in the light heavyweight division. What do you think of him?

A very good fighter. He has everything to become the first contender for the title. And then, who knows, maybe we’ll fight him. But so – he has everything to become the first challenger.

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I was very impressed by the story of how your wife Dorota sent letters to the UFC sport matchmakers and persuaded them not to fire you after a record 2-4 and two defeats in a row. How did you and Dorota meet each other?

She worked for KSW, a Polish promotion. When I signed a contract with them, she began to call me on organizational issues: “You need to come there, here, at this address,” and so on. She worked with the fighters. And that’s how I met her. MMA brought us together (laughs). One afterparty, the second … And now we are together.

How quickly did you realize that this is the woman you would like to live your life with?

We met for about a year, and I realized that. At first, the relationship was at a distance: she lived in Warsaw, I – in Cieszyn. There are 360 ​​kilometers between these cities. But one way or another, we did everything to be together. And when our relationship survived after the first year at a distance, then all is well. I realized that she was the one.

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Best Left Kicks

You have one of the best left kicks in this category. Remember when this blow became a real weapon?

When I was doing amateur sports Muay Thai and got into the national team of Poland. I remember we once spoke with a coach, and I told him: “My right leg is bad, but the Lord gave me the left one” (laughs). He forgot about my right, but put special strength in the left. More specifically, I really felt this leg about 20 years ago, maybe even 25.

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Do you still practice hitting with this particular leg every day, or keep it in good shape through general work on the legs and sparring?

I still often practice just the left kick, but even when I don’t use that leg, it kicks out on its own (laughs). She just works alone. I have it very strong and fast. I can hit with a left kick from any position. There is no position from which I cannot hit a left kick.

On your Youtube channel, I saw that you all camp worked very hard on Jiu-Jitsu. If we calculate as a percentage – how much did you improve the BJJ for this camp?

Somewhere by 20%, or even more. Jiu-jitsu has always been good for me, but now I just unlocked new qualities (laughs). I feel like I can work in the stalls in a flow state. I don’t do any new techniques, but I took my old tricks to the next level. To a completely different level. I think by 25, even 30 percent I became stronger on the ground.

This is very important for the fight with Glover, because he wants to transfer me. I love standing, I love boxing, I love kicking, but he wants to go to the ground to use BJJ. I have no right to be afraid of this. If I am afraid on the ground, then I will not be able to feel free in the stance either. Now I am ready so that I can do whatever I want in a standing position and not be afraid of the orchestra.

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Before the Fight with Rockhold

Before the fight with Rockhold we didn’t see you knocking people out with your hands in such a frightening style. How did you become a knockout?

Everything comes from the head. When I knocked out Rockhold, I believed that I could win this way not only in the gym, but also in fights. I had knockouts before, but in the gym. After Rockhold, I believed in myself, and the knockouts started.

You have both left and right one-punch knockouts. Which hand is still stronger?

The left one is obviously stronger. The right one also has strength, but the left, of course, is more powerful.

Dominick Reyes recently said that he suffered a serious concussion in your fight. When you hear that, do you feel embarrassed?

This is part of our job. Everyone understands what can happen in a cell. I want to knock out my opponents, but I don’t want to injure them. This is our job, if you cannot accept the consequences, leave it. Hopefully he will recover and return to training.

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In what battle did you personally take the maximum damage over all these years?

In KSW, I had two fights with Sokuju. In the first fight, I took the biggest damage in my career. He beat off my leg so much that I could not walk for three weeks. Just lying on the bed all this time. When the doctor looked at my legs, he said: “I have never seen such a thing in my life.” All muscles in the legs were destroyed.

Let’s talk about your opponent Glover Teixeira. Surprised that at 41 he blows away all these young guys?

I’m not surprised. He is older than me (Blakhovich – 38. – Approx. “SE”), but I know what is going on in his head. He found a way to win using what he has at this age. This does not surprise me, look at the form of the same Fedor at 45 years old. I’m preparing for the best version of Glover. This is his last chance to fight for the title, possibly one of the last fights in the UFC sport. I need to prepare for everything. And I’m ready.

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Interview with Jan Blachowicz

Interview with Jan Blachowicz is fun Does your last name “Blachovich” mean something in Polish?

Doesn’t mean anything (laughs). Just a surname. Although now she represents the Legendary Polish force. When you hear “Blakhovich”, it is about the world champion and his Legendary Polish strength. But, in general, I should ask my father, maybe he will tell me something about our last name.

You once called Fedor Emelianenko one of your favorite fighters. Have you seen his last knockout win at 45?

I only saw the finish itself. The knockout turned out great, I did not expect that he still has this strength in his hands. But it is there. I think that at 60 he will have it. It’s fantastic that he’s still good at that age.

Your favorite fight or Fedor’s finish?

I don’t remember, but I like his sport fights with the Minotaur, with Cro Cop. It was all a long time ago, I don’t remember so easily (laughs). He has many good fights, but with the Minotaur and Cro Cop they stand apart.

Why did you and the team dress up in yellow shirts? Quite an atypical color for you.

I don’t know why yellow. This is our sponsor Manto, I really like their clothes. We can choose from this series both white and blue T-shirts. And yellow – maybe because we are in Abu Dhabi, a lot of sun, desert, good weather, it’s hot everywhere (laughs).

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What’s your favorite color, by the way?

Blue, I guess. Blue eyes are because of this.

Remember when you started to feel like you were unstoppable in the UFC?

The first time this feeling arose after the fight with Devin Clark, when I ended a losing streak. I won in good style, I was in good shape, I felt great. But this feeling really came after the fight with Rockhold. Then I realized that I could beat anyone and become a champion. Now is my time.

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