Alistair Overeem Scolding

Alistair Overeem scolding American medicine. “They want to do operations all the time because it’s money.” He himself went under the knife only once in 22 years in battles.

In June of this year, Alistair Overeem, who was fired from the UFC for old age and an inflated salary, signed with leading kickboxing promoter Glory.

New employers immediately threw a big fight for the eminent Dutchman – the title with Rico Verhoeven in October at the 20,000-seat arena in Arnhem. However, Overeem broke down and the fight had to be canceled. For the fourth time in his career, Alistair injured his back in the same direction – he had a curvature of the pelvis. And although he trained in the United States, he went to the Netherlands for treatment using a proven non-surgical system.

Her Overeem recently had an engaging conversation with former UFC champion Chris Wideman on his Won’t Back Down podcast. For the American, who had undergone 25 surgeries by the age of 37, it was a real shock that 41-year-old Overeem, with his experience of 95 professional fights, went under the knife only once in his career.

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Medical Treatment

Alistair Overeem: “I did deadlining and jerked my back. It turned out that the disk had flown. I wanted to go to a chiropractor; or chiropractor to look at me, but since I was in the USA, it didn’t work out. Because they have this direction is not so developed, they always want to do operations here. Because operations are money.

They operate on you, and you give 30, 50 or 80 thousand dollars. I didn’t want to be operated on and flew to the Netherlands; to a man who healed my back only with the help of his hands. He has a wonderful author’s method of treatment. And after he worked on my back, after three weeks I was 100 percent healthy. And before that, my condition was not very good – pinched nerves in the lower back bothered me, I took all kinds of medications, there was no energy, there was no motivation for sports training. ”

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