Big Boss Press Conference

Hilarious big boss press conference: Dana White calls Ian a beast and kicks Emelianenko. “The contract that we offered Fedor dreams of him at night.”

In Abu Dhabi, following the results of the deadly UFC 267, the president of the organization, Dana White, entered the post-match press conference. As always, the UFC boss was bright and sharp-tongued – he found unconventional compliments to Pyotr Yan and Khamzat Chimaev, and also kicked Fedor Emelianenko.

Below is the most interesting of White’s communication with journalists.

About Khamzat Chimaev

“Chimaev is a special fighter. The whole fight he shouted some crazy shit: “I’ll fight with Brock Lesnar” and so on. What will happen to him next? Last time, we also knew that he was special, and he fell ill with covid. For someone who is at risk, this disease goes away like a trifle. And then suddenly for Khamzat, who was in phenomenal form, it became an ordeal.

He will be in the top 10 next week. If he wants to be active, then … Let’s see if he really wants to. But the guy is special, there is no doubt about it. How about he has more UFC sports wins than hits conceded? This is madness. The weigh-in situation? I think this is due to the long downtime, it does not bother me at all. Chimaev is the main star of the evening. The traffic on our resources for him was 10 times more than for other fighters. “

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About Islam Makhachev

“He is ready to fight someone from the top 5, top 3. And if he wins, he will advance to the title fight. “

About Peter Jan

“Incredible, amazing fight. What counterattacks they did, how they hit each other in the body, kicks in the body, backfist with rotation … It was an absolute war. Peter Jan is a beast. He is unstoppable, incredible, just going forward no matter what.

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