New Coaches in MMA

About new coaches in MMA and corners. “I am very pleased with the preparation that I took these guys for myself (kick coach Kairat Nurmaganbetov and judoka and jitser Andrei Oktyabrinsky. – SE note). These are simple guys, with whom I like the energy, the high. Everything was in order in the corner, everything was clear, no confusion. When Kairat gave some hints, I reproduced them with a difference of one or two seconds. Because there was an understanding of my own angle. “

About who he considers the most dangerous competitors

“There are a lot of worthy guys, worthy rivals, I’m ready to fight any. When I was offered, I immediately said: “Anyone, throw off the contract and let’s go.” Sterling? I have already beaten him, in sport principle. He’s running now. Dillashaw is chatting about my title. The cheater himself, it turns out, is caught. ”
About why it was not possible to prolong the opponent

“I have always gone forward, the task was always to go forward. I didn’t even hit somewhere, I took it on myself. Because the opponent is thus exhausted. Why didn’t I finish early? Well, are you happy with the fight? (turns to a journalist, he says: “Yes.” – Approx. “SE”). Well. And so they would say – “We finished early.” And then there are five rounds, you got a little high. “

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About the application to end a career at 30

“I’m only 28, I’m still young. The manager says to me: “You just said it out of emotion. You will still fight for about five years. ” While I train, let’s see what happens next. “

Why did I hardly give interviews after the fight with Sterling?

“Star fever didn’t start, just one person told me:“ You should not be enough everywhere ”. Therefore, I am missing everywhere. “

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