What Happen In UFC 267

Javier Mendes sums up what happen in UFC 267. “What Tukhugov did is fantastic, and Makhachev is a perfect fighter.”

American coach Khabib Nurmagomedova.

The founder of the American Kickboxing Academy Javier Mendes at the UFC sport 267 tournament was second to three fighters (together with Khabib Nurmagomedov) – first Tagir Ulanbekov, then Zubair Tukhugov, and then Islam Makhachev. All three won – Ulanbekov won a split decision over Allan Nascimento, Tukhugov won a unanimous decision against Ricardo Ramos, and Makhachev finished the fight with Dan Hooker in the first round. The day after the tournament, Mendes answered SE’s questions.

About Tuhugov’s fight

– When the fight began, it was not clear to me why he was not following his father’s plan. We worked on my father’s plan. But in the middle of training camp, I got sick with coronavirus – it was around September 19. And it turned out that when I was sick, Zubair pulled the inguinal muscle. The situation was bad, he could not even train normally. He did light workouts – cardio and so on.

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When I recovered, we couldn’t exercise properly. He fought relaxed and worked very efficiently in a stance. I am pleased with how he showed himself in striking. But at the same time during the fight I wondered: “Why do you fight so much in a standing position? Okay, you win in this aspect, but it’s too risky, I don’t like it. ” And literally at that moment a roundhouse kick came in. I knew it would be okay. But we needed a victory.

And after all, he did not say anything about the problem with the groin muscle. Didn’t say anything. And yet he performed well, I am very glad that he won. But then it turned out that he had stretched the groin muscle. Straight completely. And with this injury in mind, he won. This is generally wow! Now this is not just a good victory, but a fantastic one. Most fighters cannot fight with this kind of injury. They stop everything.

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